Friday Facts (or something): Top 10 places to visit…

Today's Friday Facts are not really facts (they are just highly my opinion...;) ), but my list of the top ten places to visit around the world, as a nuclear/reactor physicist. I'm not sure about the order, so that's quite random (except I think to me Chernobyl really is number one - I can't believe we didn't manage to go there when we were in Kiev two years ago).

1. Chernobyl - Ukraine
2. La Hague - France
3. Sellafield - UK
4. Olympic Dam - Australia
5. Olkiluoto - Finland
6. Fukushima - Japan
7. Three Mile Island - USA
8. Los Alamos - USA
9. Hirsohima - Japan
10. CERN - Switzerland

Now you know where to go when you're planning your next vacation 😉

The only place I can cross off the list is Hirsohima. I went there when we made Sushi and Nuclear last year. It was actually quite emotional to go there - it felt a little bit like a continuous punch in the stomach, to walk around the A-bomb Dome, which they left as it was after the bombing.

So, do you agree on my list? Or should some of the places be replaced?

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6 kommentarer om “Friday Facts (or something): Top 10 places to visit…

  1. Sunniva

    Den siden virket ikke som den aller mest seriøse, men at det fins områder inne i et kjernekraftverk der det er den typen dosenivå er ikke nor rart (det ville vært rart om det ikke fantes 😉 ) - spørsmålet her er; hvor var dette, og hva var strålekilden?


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