Good morning everyone <3 Day two of this California/Berkeley trip has just started, and so far I'm very happy 🙂
Yesterday I "finished" the first part of the uranium analysis (which is to find the nuclear level density of uranium-234) - that I wrote about in my last blog post - and started the second part of the analysis (which is to find the gamma ray strength function of uranium-234). The picture above show the very first result of my gamma ray strength data (the squares - both black and white) plotted together with different data from the big nuclear data bases. When I wrote "plot" and this appeared I actually screamed with excitement and joy, and hugged Cecilie, who was sitting next to me and helping me, because it looks soooo pretty - even before I've started to "tweak" my data to fit with the ones from the data bases (the ones on the right side of the plot - the little triangles). 
The goal of this trip is btw to put these two properties of the nucleus (the nuclear level denisty and the gamma ray strength function) into simulations of different reactors (that uses thorium based fuel) and see if they affect the results of the simulations - when we compare to standard simulations where we don't do anything about these nuclear properties 🙂 *excited*
Below are a couple of pictures from yesterday and today. The first one, of Anders, is probably more like what you would imagine when I say "pure joy"...;) He has just rented a nice car and is on his way to Palo Alto as we speak - he is also excited. (Actually kind of wish i could go with him, but I'm on my way to the lab now, with Cecilie - and that will of course also be fun...but in a quite different way 😛 )

beautiful morning at Berkeley campus
cutest squirrel at Berkeley campus

Cecilie and Darren discussion something important (I'm guessing 😉 ) at Jupiter, where we had dinner yesterday - and the day before, when we'd just arrived

Jupiter <3

Jupiter <3

Listen to "Going to San Francisco" - check
Packing - check (but in a hurry, so not really sure if I'm bringing everything I want to...)
Passport - check
ESTA - check
Print of tickets (yes, I'm old school) - check
Print of hotel booking conformation (still old school) - check
Wearing comfortable clothes - check

I think we're ready for Berkeley/San Francisco, and a week of PhD life on the other side of the Atlantic, now <3
Below is what I did yesterday, as part of my preparation for this trip - on the first picture, the dotted line is not in agreement with the black squares, but on the second picture, it's like a perfect fit 😀 This means that the first part of my uranium analysis is coming to an end (if you ever can say that anything in science is "coming to an end" - I guess you actually really can't...:P), and I'm really excited about this trip!

As (some of) you know, I'm going to Berkeley in August. One exciting week to work on my next paper, and to do some simulations of some reactors. To do this I have to fill in forms - and I HATE forms 😛 (But love Berkeley <3)
I tried to do it yesterday, but did of course not have everything I needed to complete it.
The problem was my passport, which wasn't located at the same place I was... I was at my office at the University, and my passport was at home. So why didn't I just do it when I got home then? Well, I got home just after 11 PM, from dinner with the Ludvigsen committee and the minister of education, and at this time my mother was trying to sleep (she was there because of Alexandra <3), and I didn't want to wake her/keep her awake, and besides I was exhausted and didn't even remember that I was supposed to complete my form with the passport information. Luckily I remembered to bring my passport this morning, and now it's finally done.
Sorry, Berkeley people, that I'm so scatterbrained <3

Good morning the sweetest readers in the whole world <3

In this moment I´m at Gardermoen airport (again 😛 ), soon ready to go to Copenhagen and then to San Francisco (and from there to Berkeley). Since I´m going to spend quite some time in the air today - around 13 hours in total, or something like that - what could possibly be be better in todays calendar than a pretty dose/altitude graph?
I´m guessing nothing...;)
This graph is a little average, since the dose you get when you´re up in the air is a little different depending on where you´re flying (the dose is higher when you get closer to the poles, and lower when you get closer to the equator), and if there´s a lot of solar activity (more solar activity equals higher dose 😉 ). Anyway; let´s say I´ll be spending 13 hours at 35000 feet (35 kfeet) today, I´ll be receiving a dose of 52 micro Sievert 😀
PS: I´m much more worried about turbulense than radiation 😉