Last week, when I was out with girls, Anita told me you have to wear something Norwegian for your thesis defence...what about byTiMo, it's just perfect for you! I hadn't really heard about it before, but she showed me their Instagram account, and I could see why she thought I needed something (or more) from them 😉
On Saturday, when Anders and I were out, being a couple, drinking wine, and shopping for the 17th of May, we stumbled across by TiMO on Byporten (I had no idea they had a shop there), and of course I had to go in. Anita was so right, and I ended up with two dresses (Anders got me one of them, since I had trouble deciding, and he thought I looked good in both <3). The one on the pictures here was perfect for 17th of May, and luckily we had the most fantastic weather yesterday, and the other one is a dress that may actually be suitable for my thesis defence (the day will come...). I won't show you the other one yet, since if I'll use for my thesis defence, then I sort of want it to be a little bit of a surprise.

Here are some snapshots from yesterday - needless to say, I think; I love my new, beautiful, pink, flowery dress <3 

me an my dad
Today I've had a good chat with Sunniva (supervisor), about the layout I've made so far for my PhD thesis, and about some plans I have about writing another article - which will be more of a "popular" type of article. She was all for it, and she was also very enthusiastic about the work I've done with my thesis (which is not at all much, but at least I've started)!

meetings, yes - plural

started reading about, and writing about the so called generation 4 reactors (the next generation of nuclear reactors, that will use their fuel more efficiently, reduce waste production, be more economically, and have even higher standards of safety and proliferation resistance)
then realised that everything that should be written about these reactors in my thesis could (and should!) probably be summarized in one or two sentences... So even though I haven't actually deleted any of it yet, that'll be the first thing I'll do tomorrow. Well, maybe I can view it as one or two HIGH QUALITY sentences 😛
something that looks very much like SUMMER has finally come to Oslo, and here are some snaps from a beautiful weekend, with friends and my little family <3


When you're working on a PhD you never really have the day off - there's always something than needs to be done: an article you should read, an article you should comment, an abstract you should finish, an analysis you should work on, and of course, if you've done all the reading and the commenting and the analysis and everything, there's your scary thesis that you need to work on.
Today I've had a Skype meeting with Supervisor Jon, and then I went with Trine to Espresso House at Majorstuen to write.
The nice thing about a job like ours is that we can work in cozy places - like cafés.
The downside is that we don't have the day off, ever, since every day is just one day closer to the day you have to finish.

Here are two pictures of me thinking and drinking coffee and taking selfies instead of actually writing anything...:P (Love this maritime looking sweater from Pimkie, by the way <3)

Jon told me my article is starting to look quite ok now, so that's good! It means that I can continue working on these fission gamma rays. We're missing some of the gamma rays that we expect to see in our detectors, though, so we have to figure out if there's something wrong with the design of the experiment (very bad - can't be fixed), or the way we analyze the data from the experiment (more work, but can be fixed). I'm still positive that we have some very interesting results (which I of course can't tell you about yet) and that it will definitely be something we can publish in a nice journal... 

I ended up writing about one page on my thesis today. It may not sound like much, but it is much more than nothing 😛 
After I came back from Espresso House I had promised Alexandra to go swimming, but the swimming pool turned out to be closed today. Luckily we found out just before we left home, so we went just outside to pick flowers instead. Alexandra picked out her own outfit; tiara, wings, silver shoes, and a pink ballerina skirt - love the style <3

Good morning, and happy Monday everyone <3

I'm just here to say a quick hello, before going to the University; unfortunately it will be a short week this week, because of Thursday, so I have to be very effective today and tomorrow (on Wednesday I'm getting Alexandra in kindergarden and everything, so then it's just time for a normal, short day). 
The clock is ticking too fast :/ 
Maybe it's a good idea to have one, main goal this week, instead of trying to do a little bit of this and a little bit of that? If so, my main goal this week is called "prompt fission gamma rays" - in there is gathering figures for supervisor Jon, trying to get a Skype meeting with Jon (we've been trying this for weeks now :P), reading stuff, working on poster for PhD day and more... Yeah, I think one goal is good 🙂
I also want to share some everyday snaps from Instagram and Snapchat - I've been a little bit "better" at this lately. Especially I've been inspired by Jill Walker Retteberg (professor in digital culture at the University of Bergen), and also by Anders, on how to use Snapchat to tell little science stories - my plan is to explore these possibilities in the future (when I remeber it, and have the time, obviously), starting last week, really. So follow me on @sunnivarose on Instagram and sunnivarose on Snapchat 😉

morning bliss in Rose Castle, featuring Andrea, Anders, and Alexandra
the most beautiful pink roses ever, from Anders 
after working out - for a body that's gonna be healthy for ever 😀
playing Cars Against Humanity this Saturday - hilarious!
left: physicist outfit 1 - jeans, sneakers, white shirt, and a big scarf
middle: saturdate outfit - ready for Mathallen and Champagneria with the best guy <3 (btw: I love this skirt from HM!)
right: physicist outfit 2 - beige chinos, pink top, and pink cardigan
the dress - from Ellos of all things...I should've got several 

evening shift at the cyclotron, before I got the migraine...


Yesterday it was two years since I was sitting alone in my office at Science Library; it was the middle of Easter, and was making my last preparations for the talk I was going to give later that day, in Hamar, at "The Gathering (TG) 2014".
As aI often do, I shared a couple of pictures on Instagram and Facebook...
...and suddenly I got a message from a guy…

I had never really talked to him before, but since I didn’t know anyone in Hamar, I was just happy to have someone to meet for a coffee, maybe eat something, maybe have a beer with.
In the middle of my talk I saw a new person in the audience, and I guessed it was Anders, and after I had finished on stage we started talking. And we talked. Ate pizza, drank beer. Shared a bottle of wine. And we talked, and we talked. And shared another bottle of wine.
There were never any coffee, but we talked for 12 hours straight  (a lot about physics, obviously, and especially about torque…:P), and somewhere between the beginning of the first bottle of wine and the end of the second, he kissed me.
I didn’t at all think that Anders was going to be the man of my dreams (it took me several months to realise); I thought he was too young, too much of a student, and too geeky. There were ups and downs from that first meeting in April until the end of December that year. First Anders was more into me than I was into him, and then it was the other way around, and then it was all a big mess!
For a long time I thought we would never happen…
it was the best of times, it was the worst of times
For some reason, something happened in January 2015, and finally we were at the same place at the same time. The emotional roller coaster ended, and we became a couple. We went on our first vacation...
...and just after we came back home from Barcelona, Anders moved in with me in Rosecastle <3

It’s so weird to think about how I’ve only known him for 2 years, because it really feels so much longer.
So yesterday we were out celebrating the two years we've known each other, and today it's your 29th birthday, Anders. I am so grateful you sent those messages, and I am so happy we both figured out we were great for each other! Happy Birthday, I love you <3
after drinking a bottle of bubbles at Champagneria, we decided we were just tipsy enough to go bowling before we went home - perfect evening!


På lørdag var jeg i Folketeateret og så Mary Poppins sammen med mamma og Carina. Det var årets bursdagspresang fra oss til Carina, og forestillingen absolutt meget bra, på alle mulige måter, og spesielt imponert var jeg over Charlotte Brænna som hadde tittelrollen - fantastsik! Detssuten var det veldig morsomt å se flere "kjente" fjes fra min egen dansetid, på scenen 🙂
Det som derimot IKKE var noen god opplevelse, var hvordan enkelte folk tydeligvis syns at regler er for alle andre unntatt dem selv, og dermed oppfører seg...!
Ved siden av oss hadde vi feks en gjeng bestående av kanskje tre voksne damer, og det jeg antar var barna deres - i utgangspunktet ikke noe annet enn hyggelig med det. Så, etter at forestillingen er godt i gang, reiser en av damene seg opp, snur seg mot venninnene og barna, tar opp telefonen og tar bilde av dem. Med blitz! Det er altså helt mørkt i salen, og vi andre prøver å følge med på hva som skjer på scenen, men blir avbrutt ved at vi i prinsippet får en lummelykt rett i ansiktet. Den samme gjengen tok også bilder mot scenen, med blitz, flere ganger ila forestilling - rikitgnok hakket "bedre" for oss, siden vi da "bare" ble lyst i øynene sånn halvveis fra siden, men hvorfor gjør de det når alle har fått eksplisitt beskjed om å IKKE bruke blitz?!?
Det var også ganske mange som brukte blitz når de tok bilder senere i forestillingen.
Hvorfor tenker en del at "jaja, det er regler, men de gjelder selvfølgelig ikke for meg"? A**h****s, altså.
Men for å gjenta det; det var en veldig flott forestilling, og jeg syns det var kult at Folketeateret faktisk oppfordret publikum til å ta bilder ila forestilling, og bruke marypoppins-hashtaggen - men det er selvsagt IKKE kult hvis folk ikke klarer å oppføre seg som følge av det. Jeg syns det er utrolig merkelig hvordan noen bare ikke syns de trenger å ta hensyn til andre...
I går var det skikkelig kos dag for Alexandra og meg: Vi sov begge hos mamma og pappa fra lørdag til søndag, så først hadde vi skikkelig kosemorgen med mamma, og så dro Alexandra og jeg i det fine været innover til byen og Naturhistorisk Museum - siden jeg hadde lovet Alexandra en tur inn i Zoologisk museum. Fra giftshoppen måtte selvsagt den fine boken "Ida" av Jørn Hurum bli med oss hjem, sammen med en fin plakat med norske, giftige planter 🙂
dette ^^ er SÅ bra!
Etterpå gikk turen til Sagene Lunsjbar, før vi kom oss hjem. Dagen ble avsluttet med at vi begge to krøp opp i sengen til Anders og meg (han har jo vært bort i nesten en uke nå  men kommer hjem i kveld, da <3) og så filmen Malificent. Den kan absolutt anbefales - enten du er barn eller voksen! Såååå gøy at Alexandra har blitt så stor at vi kan se litt mer ordentlige filmer. Elsket tvisten de har laget i denne filmen om Tornerose, og ikke minst den onde feen; som kanskje ikke er så ond allikevel, når alt kommer til alt...;)
Nå er det tid for å sende avgårde artikkelen min til veiledere, og kanskje kan den sendes til medforfattere ila en to ukers tid? Det hadde virkelig vært noe!

Finally - here's part 2 of the looking back at 2015 blogpost. This has taken too long, I know, but I guess my excuse is I'm trying to fix my PhD thingy (that's my excuse for everything this year :D).


Anders went with the guys to Asia. I missed him sooo much it's close to embarrassing 😛 These were pictures he sent me as he was looking through his phone - you see, I'm pretty sure he missed me to...<3

I went to Spain and Toledo, to David and Lucia's wedding...

 ...looking like this 🙂

And I worked on the same f*****g paper I'm trying to finish now...


I was honoured to give the main speech for all the new students at the University of Stavanger. OMG! It felt great.

I was a guest at the radio show "Salongen".

Anders and I (and Ann-Cecilie) went to Berkeley. We had a fantastic trip, and I don't think I have ever seen Anders as happy as he was when he rented this car...
(I still haven't got to do all the stuff I was supposed to do just before, and during the week we spent in Berkeley, and that does of course not feel especially good...why does everything take so much time?)


We went to Konserhuset to celebrate research and the Norwegian Research Council, and I'm quite sure we got much less food and wine than we've got there before... Was still a fun night, though 🙂

I wrote about what goes on inside our CACTUS. CACTUS is the name of the detector system you see here - it has that name because it looks like a cactus 😀

And I gave a talk at the book launch of Kathrine Aspaas' "Rosa er den nye pønken" - I feel very honoured to be mentioned in the book <3


Maybe the busiest month of last fall?

Since Anders was gone all of July, I promised Alexandra we would go someplace warm and nice, where they had lots of ice cream, a pool, and sea. Alexandra, Anders and I ended up going to Fuerteventura and Las Playitas - we were soooo satisfied with that place, and really want to go back to that exact hotel 🙂
I got glasses.
Anders and I were guests at "Abels Tårn".

I gave a talk at "Radiologisk Høstmøte", and annoyed some people by writing about How to dress as a female scientist.
I gave my third TEDx talk at TEDxBergen: "Could nuclear weapons save the planet?", and was so happy Anders could join me in Bergen <3 


Focus, focus, focus! I started the #teamsunnivarose tag, and focused hard on working hard 🙂


I worked on my analysis and my paper on uranium, prepared for Christmas, and wrote about the anniversary of the Chicago Pile no 1 - the very first nuclear reactor.
Part 1 of the looking back at 2015 is HERE.
I'm still at home, waiting for a delivery from IKEA that will arrive some time between now and one o'clock. Boring, but luckily I can do quite a bit of working from home. There will be focus on my paper (oh yes, it takes forever - that's life in academia for you), and later today there will of course be Friday Facts here on the blog 😉


On Friday I decided enough is enough: I'm sick and tired of being cold all the time, and that what I needed was a real warm jacket. I've been thinking about getting a real winter jacket for a long time, but I always end up thinking everything is either too expensive, or it's ugly. But the combination of feeling cold all the time, plus my birthday was recently, made me go online to and search for warm winter coats and jackets, and after not very long I found the perfect fit for me - a PINK down parkas <3 It was even 30% off, but that was not the reason why I chose this, it was just an extra bonus 😉
I tested it outside for the first time today, and so far I'm super happy with this late birthday present from me to me!

Did I mention it's PINK?!? 😉

Since I was online, I also checked out the new year's sale, and two dresses and a black shirt was clicked home to Rose Castle. 

Now I'm putting on my new pink favourite jacket, and I'm going out with Anders. We're going to get something to eat, and maybe a glass of wine (or two) - and I won't be cold 😀


I love thai food! Often we order take-out (and I always have some kind of curry), but our "new year's resolutions" are about spending more money on actually going out, and then less money on just stupid take-out (not that it's always stupid, but we end up ordering take-out that isn't particularly tasty, and even though it's fast, it isn't that fast, and even though it isn't that expensive it adds up to being money that would have been more fun to spend on going to a restaurant, or the movies, or whatever). The "problem" is that both Anders and I work a lot these days, and we are often dead tired when we're finally home - that's when it's too easy to just grab the phone and order something to our door 😛
Yesterday was one of those days when I wanted to make something for us, but didn't really have the time, so I decided my new thing for 2016 is working your ass off-dinner 😀 Something that's super easy to make (so that we don't end up ordering take-out instead), and at least as tasty as the take-out we would have eaten instead - for people who are "working their ass off" 😉 A real working your ass off-dinner (either you're working hard because you're trying to do a phd, or you're a student or whatever) has to be:

1) easy 

2) no planning needed - it has to be possible to make the moment you think I'm hungry, I want dinner 

3) cheap (if you're not a student it doesn't have to, but it's nice to save money on everyday stuff even if you're not a student 😀 ) 

4) fast - it has to be ready almost the moment you think I'm hungry, I want dinner

The goal is that you can use stuff that's in your freezer, or canned, or dry - stuff you can buy long before you're actually going to use it. I have now filled my freezer with frozen vegetables: broccoli, green beans, spinach, and a "thai wok vegetable"-mix thingy. Also I buy a big bag of mushroom that I chop and put in plastic bags in my freezer, and I do the same thing with chicken. I also have canned stuff, like coconut milk and tomatoes - they last forever <3
Yesterday I made working your ass off-thai curry, and here's my recipe:

You need:

  • curry paste (on the picture is a green curry paste, but I could just as easily have used a red one)
  • tomyum paste
  • mushroom - I use champingnon (prechopped, from the freezer)
  • coconut milk - I normally prefer the normal, not light version, but this was what they had this time, and it was ok (buy many at a time, since they're canned, they last forever :D)
  • vegetables - yesterday I used one small bowl of broccoli and one small bowl of green beans (both frozen)
  • meat - I use mostly chicken, but all kinds of meat works
You can also add: lime/lemon, fish sauce (Nam Plah), some cream - these are ingredients I always have, and I added. Yesterday I happened to have some spring onions that needed to be eaten, and they are perfect for more or less everything so 4 of them went into the curry.

both pastes (curry and tomyum) lasts "forever" after they're opened - just shut the lid tightly, and put them in the fridge 
the IKEA zip lock bags are just perfect for freezing food - I have them in six different sizes <3


Put some flavorless oil, like rapeseed oil, in a pot. Heat it and put in a tablespoon of the curry paste. (You can use more if you want a hotter version, and less if you want a milder version.)

Stir, and put a tablespoon or two of the tomyum paste in the pot. Turn down the heat, and mix the two pastes together.

Put the mushrooms in the pot. Stir. Put the coconut milk in the pot. Stir.

If you have, you can add some cream - I love cream, so for me it's (almost) no question about this one 🙂

Add the meat (chicken or other type) and the vegetables. When the meat is cooked through, it's more or less ready.

Taste it. Add pepper and a little bit of fish sauce (or salt), squeeze a lime/lemon if you have. Ready!

I like to eat it just as it is, but Anders prefer some rice at the side. You can choose whatever you like 🙂

This is of course not my "very best perfect fantastic gourmet"-recipe for thai food, but the very easiest way (I can think of) to do it. It's easy, it's quick, it's simple, and it's quite tasty - what you need when you're busy working your ass off <3

You can of course also change all the frozen ingredients into fresh ones, and suddenly you have an even tastier more "fancy" curry version. And if I had more time, I would have chopped a chilli and some garlic and added them at the beginning, before the mushroom.

The actual cooking part doesn't take any more time, but you have to cut the vegetables, the mushroom and the meat, and you have to buy everything fresh...:)

Bon appétit, and good luck with working your ass off <3

I started 2015 with a hope that that year wouldn't be so much of a roller coater ride as 2014 was - and luckily, it wasn't <3
In 2015 I've spent more time on my research in a long time, and it has felt really good. And on Saturday I was out, celebrating maybe the best and "biggest" thing of 2015 - my one year anniversary with Anders <3 We even made some "new year's resolutions":

1. go more to bars (a nice cocktail is, well, very nice)

one of my favourite places in Oslo for cocktails: Étoile

2. go more to the theatre
3. go more (once a month?) to the movies
4. go more out to dinner

(5. spend less on everyday "stupid" stuff, like buy lunch instead of making it yourself, buy coffee instead of making it yourself, buy take-away instead of making it yourself - I rather want to spend the money on point 1-4 😉 )

So I've been looking back at 2015 - a very good year - and here are some of the highlights from the first 6 months:

What can I say? 2015 started with me getting the best boyfriend...

I wrote about heavy water, since I was inspired by the fantastic series at NRK ("Kampen om tungtvannet"). 

I thought about which scientific paper I like more - Chadwick's paper about the neutron, or Einstein's paper about E=mc2.


Alexandra turned 5! And I was excited. I was also super excited since Sushi and Nuclear got nominated to American Documentary Film Festival 2015 😀

#phdlife was important.
I went to Paris for the first experiment of 2015, and I had to admit I'd made an embarrassing mistake on the radio...(I guess we all make mistakes from time to time, right?)


We started filming Big Bang.

I gave several talks about thorium...

We celebrated pie day - of course 😛
I went on my first vacation with anders, to Barcelona, and missed the solar eclipse. Totally worth it, though <3
While we were in Barcelona, both Sushi and Nuclear and Big Bang premiered!
I did science, and asked (myself and others) "silly" questions.
It was finally spring, and the university was beautiful!
We went on a trip to the forest - around Sognsvann, with Lise and Joackim 🙂 This was a preparation to see if we thought Alexandra would manage a "real" trip into the forest, where would spend the night and everything... It was a great day, and we concluded she was ready.

scienced some more, and finally I was starting to figure things out 😀
Then I started to get some actual real results, and it was 17th of May and sunny and hot, and a happy time:

We (the nuclear physics group) arranged a workshop in Oslo, where I talked about my preliminary results, and I gave a talk to the INSEAD Alumni group about thorium and nuclear power - and I met some very interesting people.

Hope you enjoyed this little throwback on my first 6 months of a very good year - I can only hope (I do!) that 2016 will be just as good.
Part 2 of looking back will come soon 😉