Men Louboutinsene var ikke døde!

Eller, de var ikke borte...jeg fant dem nemlig der jeg trodde (håpet) de var - noe som overrasket meg stort, med tanke på hvor mye som bare er stappet sånn halvveis på random inn i skuffer og skap nå om dagen. Dermed ble dagens foredragsoutfit faktisk nøyaktig slik jeg så for meg i går: Den militærgrønne buksedressen fra Gina Tricot, Louboutins, og utslått hår. Og røde negler 🙂

Det ble veldig riktig ♥


On Friday I started the day with a lecture for a bunch of physics teachers that were spending half of last week at the institute, to learn even more than they already do.
I must admit I always get a little bit nervous before I'm talking to teachers, since I have such a great respect for the job that they do, and the knowledge they possess; when it comes to "old" physics teachers I'm certain that I have almost nothing "to bring to the table" (except my very own research, which I'm probably the best at...). So when I'm giving talks to these people it always feels a little bit like I'm back in high-school, and that this is my final, oral exam 😉

In spite of my nervousness, I was still on "my field"; nuclear power and thorium - I know I know this, right, and therefore Friday's talk is one example of those occasions where I feel like I can be maximum girly: that means a combination of heels + dress + long hair + accessories <3 (The more secure I am about what I'm talking about, the more I can sort of "girly up" my outfit.)

I never know what to wear before I have tried on several outfits (which is also the reason why my suitcase is way heavier than it logically should have been, now that I'm on a little "tour", visiting schools around Norway; I visited one school today, where I gave two talks, there will be another school tomorrow, and yet another on Wednesday - on Thursday I'll be talking in Stavanger, and I can tell you for sure there are more than three outfits in my suitcase, since I can never know in advance what I want to wear on a particular day), but on Friday I ended up with a simple, quite short, light pink shift dress, that I bought when I visited Paris last year with my mother. I really like the length of the sleeves - just below the elbows - makes it perfect for this season.

With my glasses, that I have already become quite fond of, I feel like I can be even more girly (than without them; hello pink, and big "diamonds"!) - it's just like the glasses neutralize some of the girlyness 😉 But when my hair is down, like here, I go a little bit back on the accessories when it comes to size, since it can be a little "competition" between all the hair and big ear rings (for example), and I just don't want that.

- I love to accessorise; not too much, but definitely not too little (rather too much 😉 ) -

Only problem (or maybe I should call it challenge? 😉 ) this time of the year is that it's cold, and all I really  want to wear is wool and soft clothes, layer on layer. Well, I guess you have to "suffer" a little bit...

- the dress, from my Paris trip with my mother exactly one year ago -
- my dearest Oslo, waking up in the background <3 -


Since I wrote about what to wear as a female scientist I got all kinds of reactions: From those who thought this was way over the top, and that I have now "stretched my pink bubblegum too far", to those who didn't see any issues with this what so ever, to those who want to wear something (like dresses or high heels) but has actually been ridiculed for being too feminine, thus not serious enough.

Therefore I thought: why not write more about #whatiwore for different occasions where I have given a talk, or had some kind of "performance". Then those who were provoked about me writing seriously about how to dress can continue to be provoked, or just not read the blogpost; those who didn't think of this as an issue at all can do whatever they like; and those who actually think of this as an issue, and maybe want some inspiration can read the blogpost and hopefully be inspired 😉
First out is my outfit for Debattskolen last Wednesday (sorry it has taken me a week, but that's just life), where I was in a panel consisting of several bloggers - we were discussing blogging; why and how. Lots of fun, and very interesting to listen to the experiences of the other bloggers (Gunnar Tjomlid, Hans-Petter Nygård-Hansen, Maria Gjerpe, and Christoffer Hovde)!
I felt like being ultra feminine this day, and I was certain I had to wear either a dress or a skirt. I ended up with this yellow, high waisted skirt from H&M, and a knitted top from KOOKAÏ (love the length of the arms - perfect for occasions inside at this time of the year). The plan was to change into heels for the evening, and just wear the sneakers at the university during the day, but I ended up feeling the outfit was actually perfect with the all white sneakers this day - a little bit more towards cute and fun 😉

skirt: HM // tights: HM (200 denier - the best for everyday use!) // scarf: CMYK //watch: Apple // top: kookaï // sneakers: Nelly

Next question of the month will, by the way, be on the 15th of November. That's a Sunday, and I don't really like that so much, but I just found out that the 15th every month is a good date, and next time after that it will be on a weekday 🙂
PS: I just gave my "10 reasons why I love <3 nuclear physics" talk, and this is a peek of my look today - I really like my hair like this (if I'm not nervous of not being taken ultra seriously; if that was the case I would have made a bun) 😀
my selfie got photobombed <3