Good morning, Wednesday!

It's cold, not too late, and I'm at the university library with my first latte of the day, and ready for the second day at the last writing seminar before christmas. I'm happy with yesterdays efforts (I finished all my Pomodoros), but I do realise that this takes forever... I'm seriously hoping that during the next months my "output" will grow more or less exponentially, or it'll be very hard to finish my thesis by the beginning of September (OMG!). At least I have to dedicate more days completely to just writing, like I'm doing today and tomorrow (and yesterday!) 😉
- dress: Vila // west: Gina Tricot // tights: HM (200 denier!) -
One thing I don't like about the cold is that it becomes so extremely difficult to find something to wear - I freeze, like, all the time. But on Monday I found this dress at Vila that's comfortable, cheap (199,-) and since it's made by cotton I think it works very nicely with warm winter boots. When I'm outside I put a big sweater on top of it, and it just looks like the perfect skirt. I love that it's quite straight - it's a little loose around the waist (which I think is nice when I'm at work, and will be sitting for hours and hours), but a little tight around the derrière. With my west from Gina Tricot, it's a perfect, comfortable winter work outfit 😉
They had it in several colours (like dark grey, black, dark blue, and others), and I also bought one in orange. Now that I know how much I like it already, maybe I'll even buy another one.
Ok, over to todays title: the last guest blog post from my sister <3
(Read number 1 HERE, and number 2 HERE, to get the entire story about my favourite colour)

But why can we see pink?

Pink is a negative colour, if you will. When we look at a colour spectrum we see that the spectrum goes from gamma- to radiowaves, and visible light goes from red to purple, but nowhere is there pink. If an object absorbs all colours but green you get a sort of anti-green. Your brain interpret this as pink. Thus this is why we can see pink after all.
Lastly, I want to make a case for PINK. Even though pink is really a colour made by our brain, and not a real, visible wavelength, that doesn't make it any less of a colour. There are a lot of things that our brains make. Pictures and sounds are interpreted all of the time - that doesn't make the unreal! It is. however, neat to know how our brain works; if not for other reasons but to know what an amazing job it does every single day, and to understand how incredibly easy it is to trick a brain...


Dear everyone, and happy Saturday - hope you're all enjoying the weekend!
I attended this years first christmas party yesterday, and after a very busy week I was so exhausted I had to leave the party at midnight (and I worked hard to stay that long) - guess that's kind of the price you pay when you try to work hard, play hard. 
The great thing about leaving such a party that early, is that you wake up feeling fantastic the day after 😉 So far today I've been hanging out with Anders (finally!); we stayed forever in bed, and then we went to Colonal Mustard at Alexander Kiellands plass and had brunch, and now he's at the university (working with quantum field theory), and I'm at Espresso House at Majorstuen (preparing for my talks next week - I'm giving a completely new talk on Tuesday, so there is some preparing to do). 
A pretty ok Saturday, I'd say <3
Here are a couple of snaps from last nights party:
- me and Jo -

- just me, and my glass of wine, and my iphone, and the christmas tree... -
I know yesterday was supposed to be Friday Facts day, and I'm truly sorry there were no facts (or no blogging what so ever :/ ) yesterday - or the week before that! I promise Friday Facts will be back next week, and while you wait I want to give you part 2 of my sister, Carina's guest blog about my favourite colour - PINK! (Part 1 is HERE):

What is a colour?

When light hits something, the energy from the light makes some of the atoms excited. In those atoms an electron jump from it's own ("normal") electron shell (a, in the picture below), to an outer shell (b, in the picture below). The energy, however, isn't enough to keep the electron in the outer electron shell, so it jumps back to it's own, original shell (c, in the picture below). When it jumps back in, energy is released as a lightwave (called a photon). 
In the back of our eyes we have cones that react to these emitted wavelengths. An object might absorb some colours, and those colours are the colours you won't see emitted. White is a mix of all colours, this is what we see when all colours are absorbed, but none are emitted and caught by the cones. Black is the absence of colour, this is what we see if no colours are absorbed, but all are emitted and caught by the cones.  It's just that there isn't any wavelength for pink... 

PS: I was reminded by someone leaving a comment today, that I haven't told the story about how the neutrino got its name yet - as I promised earlier. I had actually forgot that I wanted to tell this story, so I was happy to be reminded, and I'm planning on telling the story in the week to come 🙂 
Also, don't forget about Question of the month; I'm collecting questions continuously, so if you have a good one, maybe your question will be next...


Hi there people! Thursday already, and past ten already? Guess I should have gone to bed by now, since I'm getting up at six tomorrow (I have to, to get everything ready - look presentable before the talk I'm giving at nine, get Alexandra ready for kindergarden, and get her to kindergarden...should I do an outfit-post tomorrow, maybe, since I'm giving a lecture I could make a #scienceoutfitoftheday-post?), but I just sat down - literally, so I'm not through my to dos yet...:/
- me and my sister -
Anyway, to night I want to present you to my sister - Carina.
Carina is 25 years old, and studies biology at the university here in Oslo. She has two kids and one guy. She has giant snails in a terrarium, a rat in a cage that she's seriously allergic to, and she also just got a hedgehog that will spend the winter with her (biologists!).
She is really into science and scepticism, but still loves Harry Potter so much that's she's patiently waiting for a letter from Hogwarts telling her she's been admitted to the school. Carina's biggest dream is to own an elephant - preferably an African type - and she also has a blog, HERE (in Norwegian).
- me, and Carina, and our mother; at my birthday this year (Alexandra took the photo <3) -
- me and my sister getting ready in old Rose-castle - 
Carina knows how much I love pink, and therefore she has written a little something about pink (ok, I'm not sure it's completely true, but at least maybe she's been inspired by my crazy love for pink).
Part 1: Pink as a girly colour
Pink is a well known, and for many loved, colour. Actually there are few other colours that get as much attention as pink; both positive and negative.

Before the 40's, pink was primary a colour used on boys. In the 20's girls were supposed to be dressed in blue, because that was seen as a soothing colour, and girls should be cute, and calm. Now almost every girl is dressed in pink. 
There's just one thing though; pink does not exist. This is not a philosophical postulation of sex or gender, but a comment on visible lightwaves.

Remember my plot from yesterday? And how happy and proud I was because I managed to make labels for the different data?
Well, today I learned (from Gry - thank you, sweetie <3) how to make it pink - and by my self I found out how to make it the exact right kind of pink. It's called kPink+7 <3<3<3, and it's just perfect, and if you think that I'm not "brave" enough to use this colour for my uranium data in a scientific article, you're wrong 😉
Yeah, and also I did the tweaking of the data points as I also talked about yesterday (I didn't spend all day on making pink data points :P)
Speaking of pink; tomorrow I'm going to be a guest at God Morgen Norge, together with Kathrine Aspaas, who has just written a book called Rosa er den nye pønken - tune in between nine and ten (I'm guessing something like nine thirty, but I'm not 100% sure).
PS: What other kind of colours should I use in the plot?


Dear students of Institut Le Rosey, thank you all for a great event!

It was such an honour to be the speaker between Jean-Claude Biver and Nicholas Negroponte! Only wish that we all have had much more time to talk after the event - time flew by way too fast 😉

I feel proud to have taken part of your conference; thank you so much for inviting me!

Many of you told me that you were inspired from my talk - but I must say that all of you guys really are an inspiration to me too <3

Maybe I´ll start writing some of my blog posts in English - we´ll see...


For those that weren´t there, here´s a little taste of my "conclusion" of the talk:

So why should science be more pink? Should science be pink?


Pink is a "state of mind". For me personally it´s also about the colour pink, obvioulsy; but it´s mostly about me being allowed to be me - feminine, a girly girl, but respected, and not judged.

It´s about balance, diversity, democracy!

Maybe I, as a woman embracing my femininity, being a single mother of Alexandra, bring different perspectives into science than the classic, male "nerd"? It´s not like we should paint the physics auditorium pink, or that everyone should wear high heels and boas.

We need people with different backgrounds. That means different sexes, different ethnisities, different interests. Different hopes and dreams. Different experiences, different perspectives and skills!
It is not ok if we think that you can´t be feminine and into science - because science somehow by definition is non-feminine. When did it become non-feminine to work for a better world?!? 

last look in the mirror before it´s my turn - excited and a little nervous 😉

Det har vært litt mye stress og mas i det siste, og jeg har kjent på det at jeg ikke egentlig føler meg uthvilt selv om jeg har lagt meg tidlig...og plutselig for et par dager siden slet jeg med å sove - våknet flere ganger i løpet av natten, og følte jeg var redd for å forsove meg (uten at jeg hadde noen veldig god grunn til det). Så da lytter jeg til mammas strenge råd: Når du føler at søvn ikke går helt fint da må du lytte til kroppen og roe ned. Så det er det jeg gjør i kveld. Jeg dro fra Blindern klokken 17, puslet litt hjemme - fant bla. morgendagens foredragsoutfit (tror jeg), og så dro jeg ut og jogget en tur i Frognerparken (vel, jogget og jogget...jeg jogget noe, og så gikk jeg en del - men noen på jobb har fått den gode ideen at vi skal være med på Holmenkollstafetten, og så var jeg sikkert litt ekstra entusiastisk den dagen dette ble foreslått, og så sa jeg at selvsagt skulle jeg være med på det, null stress, liksom; bare ett problem, og det er at jeg ikke har kondis og ikke kan jogge - så jeg håper jeg kan lære...Senter for Akselleratorbasert Forskning og Energifysikk stiller i alle fall i årets Holmenkollstafett 😛 ). 
Jeg avsluttet joggeturen med å gå ned til Narvesen og plukke med meg den siste utgaven av magasinet Mamma, for der er jeg nemlig portrettert: Rosa-realisten 🙂

Nå har jeg dusjet, tent levende lys, laget kaffe, krøpet opp i sofaen, og her sitter jeg da altså med Mamma og "Godt nok for de svina" (av søte og flinke Anita Krohn Traaseth). Snart skal jeg legge meg, for jeg tror en god natts søvn er det som vil gjøre meg aller mest klar for DN Talentkonferanse i Bergen i morgen. 

elsker spesielt dette bildet av Alexandra og meg <3 alle foto i reportasjen er tatt av dyktige Nina Ruud


Hei alle fine rosa, er bare en rask tur innom før jeg løper avgårde ned til Café Europa for å holde foredrag ("Hvor farlig er det egentlig? -Myter og misforståelser rundt kjernekraft og stråling"), for å vise fram dagens foredragsoutfit - fineste rosa kjolen <3

Og når jeg først er her så må jeg bare fortelle: nå er det endelig offisielt - jeg skal sitte i et offentlig utvalg sammen med masse flinke og spennende folk, som skal utrede fremtidens utdanningsbehov...er til og med nevnt i Offisielt fra statsrådet 😀

Altså, det er litt #denfølelsen når du blir oppringt og liksom, bare " Hei, jeg ringer på vegne av Kristin Halvorsen; hun vil at du skal være med å sitte i dette utvalget...", haha  😉


Hei alle <3 Nå står jeg helt på farten for å holde foredrag ifbm. lansering av nye Rom Stoff Tid-fysikkbøker. Syns det er litt morsomt at jeg skal snakke på dette arrangementet, fordi mitt aller første møte med fysikkfaget var jo gjennom, nettopp, Rom Stoff Tid. Det var 2FY, skoleåret 2001/2002 (shit jeg er i ferd med å bli gammel 😛 ), med fysikklærer Øyvind på Fagerborg. Den utgaven av bøkene vi hadde da var så utrolig grå og trist - og litt tung (ok, jeg skal ikke baaare skylde på bøkene der; fysikk kan jo faktisk oppfattes som litt tungt). Husker jeg "drømte" om at vi kunne bruke Ergo-bøkene i stedetfor (som jeg forsåvidt også fikk, i 3. klasse, da jeg byttet skole fra Fagerborg til Skedsmo) 😛 
Satser på at det er litt mer glam (i alle fall fargebilder 😉 ) over denne nye utgaven... 
Måtte selvsagt ha på meg noe rosa i dag, så valget falt på denne toppen i hot pink, og kort sort skjørt - feminint, og veldig meg - samtidig som jeg liksom syns det ble litt tøft óg...;)
Ok, wish me luck; myter skal avlives - om forskeren/fysikeren, rosabloggeren og stråling/kjernekraft!

Seee hva jeg var og hentet på Posten i dag: knall rosa gummistøvler xD 
Er jo ett år siden jeg skrev at jeg var lei av gummistøvlene mine, og at jeg virkelig måtte få meg noen nye. Vel, det er ikke alltid gjennomføringsevnen er 100%, men, altså, ENDELIG!
Fine, ikke sant?

Det er vel kanskje ikke akkurat sjokkerende at jeg har rosa gummistøvler, men jeg må si jeg syns det passer ekstra godt akkurat denne måneden, siden oktober er rosa måned <3 
Nå er det kvelden, og det er nesten så jeg håper at det skal regne i morgen, slik at jeg kan bruke de fine, nye, rosa gummistøvlene mine 😛