Finally, the video from the TEDxBergen conference is now on-line!

The subject of my talk was Could nuclear weapons save the planet? , and you can watch the entire thing here:
Since I talked about how to dress as a female scientist in my last blogpost, I just have to show you a close-up of the shoes I wore. These shoes from Nelly ended up as my "statement" for this talk - which I felt that I needed, since the rest of the outfit was quite simple; just tight jeans, a loose shirt, and my hair in a bun (not the tightest, but not very messy either):

One of the really great thing about this trip to Bergen (almost a month ago already!) - besides being allowed to give my third TEDx talk - was that Anders came and spent the weekend with me <3 There's nothing like sharing experiences like this with the one you love, and having Anders in the audience made me feel so much better and more secure than if I had been there all by myself... He was a great supprt!
perfect evening: I was dead tired after  a long day -  I do get really stressed before I'm giving a talk like this. We were thinking about either go to the after party with the rest of the people from the conference, or maybe go out in Bergen... But instead we stayed in the hotel; we took a looong bath (where we drank two bottles of Prosecco), before we ordered pizza to the room, ate it in bed and watched several episodes of the Big Bang Theory. It was just perfect <3


Friday again!

This week that means Bergen, and as (almost) always that means FACTS. This week I want to give you ten facts about nuclear weapons and the "Megatons to Megawatts" project - a little "taster" of what my talk tomorrow will be about (I don't know if there will be a live stream yet, but at least the entire confernce will be filmed, and go on-line later - I will of course share the link when it's ready 😉 )

  1. nuclear weapons have been used against humans two times; Hiroshima August 6th and Nagasaki August 9th, 1945 - hopefully NEVER again
  2. both "Little Boy" and "Fat Man" were fission bombs (getting their energy from fission); "Little Boy" was made of highly enriched uranium (uranium-235), and "Fat Man" was made of plutonium(-239)
  3. after WWII a nuclear arms race begun between the US and the Sovjet Union, and at one time there were more than 60 000 nuclear weapons in the world
  4. a nuclear weapon is ugly, but by mixing the fissile material in it with uranium or thorium, it can be changed into beautiful nuclear fuel (100% normal nuclear fuel for normal reactors) <3
  5. the "Megatons to Megawatts" program was an agreement between US and Sovjet/Russia that lasted from 1993 to 2013, where Sovjet made fuel out of their weapons (unfortunately not all of them) and US bought it
  6. during those 20 years (1993-2013), 500 tonnes of highly enriched uranium, from 20 000 Russian nuclear weapons have been converted into nuclear fuel and "burned" in reactors (more than 2 weapons destroyed every day!)
  7. the electricity generated from these weapons is the same amount as all the electricity in the US in two years(!)
  8. weapons uranium (highly enriched uranium) could be mixed with natural uranium to make fuel (as has been done in the program) - or, even better, with thorium
  9. if you mix weapons uranium with thorium, you can also recycle the spent fuel; this means that not only do you get rid of horrible weapons, you also get rid of a lot of nuclear waste (WIN WIN 😀 )
  10. today there are around 16 000 nuclear weapons in the world - much better than 65 000 (or whatever the peak number was), but still that's definitely 16 000 too many...:/
(I bite my lip when I concentrate - haha)

 Now I'm soon off to NHH, where the conference tomorrow will be held, for sound check, and just "feel" the stage. And when I come back to the hotel again, Anders will be here! I'm so incredibly happy he could join me here in Bergen this weekend!!! We're here until Sunday afternoon, so hopefully we'll have time to actually experience something while we're here - any recommendations from my readers?
Anyway: happy weekend to everyone <3

Tonight I just have to do a little "throwback Thursday": I've been going through a lot of my pictures as I've been preparing for Saturday's TEDx (sorry for talking so much about it, but it's pretty much all I've been doing today, and all I can think of 😉 ), and suddenly the folder was there - "Sushi&Nuclear" - and I had to take a peek.
In one way it feels like I was never there, and it was all just a dream... 
Of course it wasn't: It was such a great trip, and it would have been fantastic to go back again! 

Tomorrow I'm off to Bergen, and so far I have almost no clue as to what my outfit will be. I think my slides are almost a little too little pink (I just finished them, and emailed them off to Bergen), so I'm considering to wear pink to sort of balance it out. 
The only thing I'm pretty sure about is that these new, pretty little things from Nelly will be on my feet on Saturday...;) I am considering beige chinos and a pink top (and the shoes, of course) - what do you think?

Tonight I'm super excited to tell you that I'm going to give a talk at TEDxBergen in just a little bit more than a month - 3rd of October that is!!!
The topic of the conference in Bergen this year is "The (Im)possible redefined", and they describe it like this on their web pages:

This topic addresses the human tendency of creating boundaries in our heads, which are shaped by what we know and what we can imagine. These boundaries are what we believe is "possible". This topic addresses not only the boundaries that are possible but, indirectly, impossible. With these thoughts we hope to create an inspiring TEDx event and to invite speakers that redefine the (im)possible throughout a broad variety of domains, such as science, nature, lifestyle and technology.

They asked me to be one of the speakers just the other day, so I have barely had any time to think about what I should/want to talk about this time, and I thought why don't I ask you guys for help: WHAT SHOULD I TALK ABOUT? I have some ideas already, but it would be so much fun if you had some thoughts, and/or maybe suggestions for a title - so please help! 🙂

I've talked at two other TEDx events earlier - the first one was in Oslo in 2013, and then at Institut Le Rosey (outside of Geneva) in 2014. In Oslo I gave the talk How bad is it really? Nuclear technology - facts and feelings - see it HERE, and at Le Rosey I gave the talk Why science should be more pink - see it HERE.


Dear students of Institut Le Rosey, thank you all for a great event!

It was such an honour to be the speaker between Jean-Claude Biver and Nicholas Negroponte! Only wish that we all have had much more time to talk after the event - time flew by way too fast 😉

I feel proud to have taken part of your conference; thank you so much for inviting me!

Many of you told me that you were inspired from my talk - but I must say that all of you guys really are an inspiration to me too <3

Maybe I´ll start writing some of my blog posts in English - we´ll see...


For those that weren´t there, here´s a little taste of my "conclusion" of the talk:

So why should science be more pink? Should science be pink?


Pink is a "state of mind". For me personally it´s also about the colour pink, obvioulsy; but it´s mostly about me being allowed to be me - feminine, a girly girl, but respected, and not judged.

It´s about balance, diversity, democracy!

Maybe I, as a woman embracing my femininity, being a single mother of Alexandra, bring different perspectives into science than the classic, male "nerd"? It´s not like we should paint the physics auditorium pink, or that everyone should wear high heels and boas.

We need people with different backgrounds. That means different sexes, different ethnisities, different interests. Different hopes and dreams. Different experiences, different perspectives and skills!
It is not ok if we think that you can´t be feminine and into science - because science somehow by definition is non-feminine. When did it become non-feminine to work for a better world?!? 

last look in the mirror before it´s my turn - excited and a little nervous 😉

Da har jeg kommet frem til Genève og hotellet - med nydelig utsikt mot snødekte fjelltopper.
Har vært oppe siden 5 i dag tidlig, vet ikke sikkert hva jeg skal ha på meg i morgen ennå, og foredraget er IKKE følelsen er allikevel ikke så verst 🙂
Om en time blir jeg hentet på hotellet, for å dra til Le Rosey og ha prøve - utrolig deilig å bli så godt tatt vare på!

Som nevnt i går så gikk det i TEDx-foredragsforberedelser, og det gjør det i dag óg. Fredag morgen setter jeg nesen mot Genève, og TEDx-konferansen som holdes på Institut LeRosey til lørdag. Jeg er selvsagt superspent, og som en del av "oppvarmingen" deler jeg foredraget jeg holdt for et år siden, på TEDxOslo. Temaet da var Paradox of Plenty, og foredraget mitt het How bad is it really? Nuclear technology - facts and feelings. Til helgen er det Frontiers det skal handle om, og jeg syns det er et veldig spennende tema! Det blir et mye mer personlig, og rosa foredrag denne gangen...;)

Mandag er artikkelklubbdag, men denne uken ble det dessverre avlyst :/ Litt skuffet, da; men sånn er det når man har både syke barn og ingen stemme - da går det ikke så greit å presentere noen artikkel. Så dagen har gått i:

  • tedx-foredragforberedelser
  • mail
  • møte om Publiseringskonferansen
  • 2.5 timer på kontoret til Sunniva veileder. Vi diskuterte om vi skulle simulere beryllium-backingen på eksperimentet til å være 4.8 milligram per kvadratcentimeter eller 4.6 milligram per kvadratcentimeter - og ble enige om at begge deler var greit, og jeg valgte å gå for 4.8
Dagens sitat: det er lettere å tolke (uran)data, enn å tolke menn!


...og lettet...
...og ganske glad 🙂
Nå er nemlig videoen fra TEDxOslo 2013 - Paradox of Plenty ute, og dette har jeg jo både gledet og gruet meg (litt) til. 
Helt ærlig så følte jeg jo at det gikk bra, og at jeg ikke kunne ha gjort det noe bedre der og da - men det er jo skummelt å vite at det blir en film av det - i den TED(x)-konteksten, liksom.
Men jeg er altså stolt, lettet og fornøyd med foredraget - syns egentlig jeg var ganske så flink 😉 (janteloven er teit...).
Har fått en god del respons på videoen óg, i løpet av det døgnet den har ligget ute - masse superhyggelige kommentarer/mails/tweets, og det varmer jo enormt!
I skrivende stund er jeg i Trondheim; skal faktisk snart legge meg, tenkte jeg, slik at jeg våkner superfrisk og rask og klar for foredrag på Charlottenlund VGS i morgen tidlig. De kommer nok også til å få høre litt om min fascinasjon for kjernefysikk/kjernekraften/atombomber/ulykker...;)


God fredags kveld alle <3

Her i Rose-slottet har jeg omsider fått satt meg godt til rette i sofakroken, med levende lys, noen biter Freia Premium 86% kakao, og PCen i fanget (Alexandra sover godt, og jeg har nettopp vært nede i vaskekjelleren og hengt opp masse masse klesvask - hurra, rene klær!).
Mot slutten av denne uken (i går og i dag) fikk  jeg omsider flyttet helt ut fra lesesalen, der jeg har hatt plass siden 2007 (?), og inn på kontoret som jeg deler med Hilde - det har bare tatt en 9,10 måneder...:P Så nå er den gamle plassen min på lesesalen overtatt av noen andre, og jeg bor kun på kontoret i overetasjen - noe som strengt tatt kommer til å gjøre arbeidsdagen en del lettere, siden jeg ikke trenger å bevege meg mellom to etasjer avhengig av om jeg skal gjøre litt dataanalyse, eller om jeg skal lese mail eller skrive ut noe 🙂 
Etter at jeg hadde fått alle tingene mine sånn nogenlunde på plass tenkte jeg at jeg måtte få en skikkelig oversikt over den nye måneden vi allerede er kommet ganske godt inn i (hjelpes - 4. oktober, og snart 5., allerede). Visste at dette er en travel tid - men fikk nesten litt klump i magen da jeg fikk full oversikt (oversikt, og litt angst, er allikevel å foretekke fremfor ubehagelige overraskelser underveis 😉 )
Her er listen min over ting som skjer denne måneden - i tillegg til det "vanlige" som skjer hele tiden (selvsagt):

Dessuten kommer veileder-Jon til Oslo - og hvis han skal kunne gi meg noen veiledning har jeg egentlig ganske mye analyse å få gjort unna...dvs. "slavearbeidsdelen" av det, slik at han kan hjelpe meg med å analysere hva det er vi faktisk ser (forhåpentligvis).
Også er det noen (skrive)deadlines i begynnelsen av november - så jeg tror ikke det skal bli så fryktelig mye tid til å sitte og tvinne tomler, sånn egentlig. Apropos det så fikk jeg spørsmål fra en annen foredragsholder (en professor på UMB/Ås) da jeg var i Tsjekkia, om at det ble vel ikke tid til kjæreste og barn med det opplegget jeg kjører; jeg har jo et barn, så det må man jo bare ha tid til - men måtte jo innrømme at jeg spør meg selv innimellom om det å ikke ha en partner er prisen jeg betaler. Håper jo ikke det, men blir altså litt usikker fra tid til annen :/
Vel vel, akkurat dét har jeg ikke tid til å sitte og filosofere over - for nå er det TEDx-jobbing, og foredraget begynner så smått å ta form oppe i hodet mitt nå; mulige stikkord: befolkningsvekst, energi, kjernekraft, stråling, media, hysteri, overflod, quick fix? 😀
Jeg kommer, for å si det en smule vulgært, til å være dritnervøs før TEDx - men forhåpentligvis så er det på den bra måten 😉

<3 <3 <3

En ting som forresten er utrolig hyggelig med det å ha flyttet opp til kontoret er at Gry har flyttet inn i nabokontoret nå etter at hun ble ferdig med doktorgraden, og offisielt ble PostDoc - her er et koselig bilde vi tok i dag (vi skulle teste ut noe) 🙂

Nuclear physicists in action (ja, jeg vet jeg har skjeve, rare tenner) 😉

Kom også på at siden jeg er rosablogger er det jo faktisk ganske så essensielt å dele linker til de forskjellige tingene jeg fikk i posten i går, så nå ligger det under bildet her - sånn i tilfellet noen er nysgjerrige 😉

Korallfarget skjørt HER // Sort topp HER // Lys, beige topp HER // Gullsko HER // Sneakers HER // Mørke ankelboots HER // Nude pumps (mine absolutte nye favoritter - snakker vi TEDx-foredragssko, mon tro?) HER //