I've been working my ass off analysing data since Monday morning - wanting to be as prepared as I can for Jon's visit later this week. It's tedious work: studying a plot, finding time limits, change your code, run the program, check the results, write everything down and put it into different folders - and start all over again. Repeat until dead tired.
But speaking of working my ass off, even though I work hard, I still want to feel fresh - without spending too much time or effort on it...entering the three working your ass off hairdos:

1. messy bun
2. messy braid no 1
3. messy braid no 2

The point with these three hair styles is to save time; all of them can stay for a week or so, and at the same time look fresh. You can wake up, and you're hair's already done, meaning there's one less thing to fix in the morning! They are all of the "messy" kind - meaning they are supposed to look a little like you just came out of bed, and not too "perfect" 😉

The hair should not be washed when you make these - I typically wait one or two days after the last time I washed my hair. In the picture below I hadn't washed my hair for 3 days; and also you don't need to comb your hair (I only do that like once a week, or something - before I wash it) - the best result of all these three hair dos comes without combing 🙂

This thing from Define is a real life saver! It's actually a mixture of dry shampoo and hairspray at the same time, so it's just perfect for making your hair look fresh and voluminous. Also it makes the hair so much easier to work with (newly washed hair is the worst; so little volume, and so straight, and so slippery).
Ok, let's start 🙂

The messy bun and the messy braid number 1 and 2 start with the same messy pony tail (steps 1-3):

first you need a thin rubber-band (1), then gather the hair for a pony tail at the crown of the head (I use both hands for it - 2), and wrap the rubber-band around the whole of the hair until it feels secure, not too tight (3). The combination of a pony tail that is quite loose, and placed high up on the head, makes it possible (not even uncomfortable) to sleep with 🙂
the messy bun is made like this: take the pony tail and twist it loosely (4), continue twisting it until it's wrapped around the rubber-band, and then stick the end back under the rubber-band (5) - it looks like this at first (6). To finish it I mostly just pull the bun, but a couple of bobby pins helps get it "down", and at the right place (7)
I often wear my hair like this when I'm giving a talk. Unless I'm super nervous and afraid I won't be taken seriously, or something, the messy bun is a good choice (of course, in combination with the right outfit ). Below you can see what it looks like when I just made it, and what it looks like after a week - I normally prefer it after a couple of days.
messy bun <3
The messy braid no 1 has the same starting point as the messy bun - the messy pony tail.
You need two rubber-bands for this one. Divide the pony tails into three parts, pull them forwards, and start braiding quite loosely (1). Secure the braid with a rubber-band (2). It first looks a little simple and dull, but then there's magic: hold the braid with one hand on each side of the braid (my other hand is busy holding the camera at this picture :/) and pull gently (3). Continue pulling at different places along the braid until you're happy with the size/volume (4), and then, finally place the braid at the right side of your head  - the back side (5)
The last hairdo is the messy braid no 2. Some extra hair spray is often a good idea on this one.
First, gather all the hair loosely on one side (1). Sometimes I use a comb to tease the hair a little bit by the roots, so it won't be as flat as it was here... Then divide the hair into three equally sized parts, and start braiding (2) - remember: not tight! Then simply braid as far down as you want - I prefer to keep a decent portion of hair not braided - secure the braid with a rubber-band, and pull the braid the same way as the messy braid number 1 (3)
Messy braid number 2 is very soft and feminine <3
(I don't have thick hair at all, but the messier it is the thicker it looks :D)
All of these three hair dos should be so loose that you can sleep comfortably with them. When you wake up you just apply some dry shampoo to the roots, and you're ready for working your ass off!

even though it's messy doesn't mean it can't be serious 😉

Remember my last post about #workingyourassoff-dinner? My super-easy super-fast Thai-reipe? If not, you can check it out HERE.
Well, life here is quite busy, as always these days (yesterday started at quarter past four in the morning, since I was going to Stavanger to give two talks, and then back to Oslo to go to a celebration of the international women's day - I fell asleep before my head hit the pillow when i finally got to bed last night), so there is no less need for quick and tasty recipes - but the same Thai all the time is a little bit boring... So a couple of days ago I made another #workingyourassoff-dinner, but this time more Mexican inspired.

Before I share the recipe with you, let me just refresh the rules for a real #workingyourassoff-recipe:

The recipe for working your ass off simple chili con carne:

You need:

  • green beens (frozen ones - I love these, and use them in all my #wokringyourassoff-dishes)
  • leek (prechopped, from the freezer)
  • mushroom - I use champingnon (prechopped, from the freezer)
  • meat - this time I happened to have fresh, minced meat, but it's of course possible to use frozen
  • Tabasco sauce - the one with chipotle is just perfection <3 (I also have a lot of different chili sauces, like normal Tabasco, habanero Tabasco, plus some others; and I use a little bit of everything to get the perfect taste, but I can really recommend the chipotle!)
  • extra virgin olive oil
  • chopped, canned tomatoes
  • cinnamon
  • butter
  • salt and pepper
  • (if you happen to have some old wine, it's perfect to put it in the pot)
You can also add peppers (all colours), tomatoes that are not canned, eggplant, squash (the peppers and the eggplants taste awesome if you chop them, put them in a ovenproof dish, pour some olive oil on top, and grill them in the oven - then put them in the pot. This of course takes more time, so then it's not longer a real #workingyourassoff dinner anymore ;)). I'm personally not that fond of canned beans, but if you like it, it's of course perfect to add. They're cheap, and since they're canned, you can store them forever before you find out that you want to make a chili con carne.
these ziploc bags from IKEA are perfect <3

the perfect Tabasco for a Mexican inspired pot of chili <3<3<3
a glass of wine is always a good idea (maybe unless you're driving, or you're pregnant, or you're 16 😉 )


Put some flavourless oil, like rapeseed oil, in a pot. When it's real hot, add the meat and a table spoon of butter (mmm, butter <3). Stir.
When the meat is fried, add the leeks and the mushrooms. Make sure it doesn't get burned by stirring 😉

Then add the canned tomatoes. Th
is time I used two cans, since I wanted everything to be more "soupy" and less dry. Add a little cinnamon - maybe just half a teaspoon. Add the Tabasco, and/or other chili sauces. I like it spicy, so I use quite a lot - the secret is just to taste, add more, taste, add more, or not, until it's perfect for your taste 🙂 Let everything boil for a while.
Add extra virgin olive oil (I use a lot - olive oil <3) and green beans. It's all ready when the green beens are warm. It only takes a couple of minutes.
Serve it with rice or bread, or just eat it as it it - which is what I do; with salt, pepper, and some sour cream on top.
This is of course not my "very best perfect fantastic gourmet"-recipe for Mexican food, but the very easiest and fastest way (I can think of) to do it. 
It's quick, it's simple, and it's quite tasty - what you need when you're busy working your ass off <3 

I'm not sure why he looked like this - but, hey, he's a guy - you can't understand why they do everything they do 😛 (He was actually very happy about the food <3 )