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12 moments

2014 is over in a couple of hours, and I´m looking back at a year filled with ups and downs (that´s life, isn´t it?)
Here are 12 moments from 2014 (I may make some bigger blogposts about this year, but for now I´m looking at one "big" moment from each month) - a sort of insta-sum up of 2014 😉
The seventh of January I turned 30, and I celebrated with one of my best friends - Charlotte <3

I was on the front cover of the newspaper Morgenbladet; in an article about women and science

Charlotte defended her thesis in medicine, and got her PhD degree 😀

I gave the talk "OMG NUKULAR ATOMZ RADIATION MELTDOWN!!!1" at The Gathering

A lot happened in May - the biggest "ups"; like going to Japan to make Sushi and Nuclear...

...and the biggest "downs"; like when I was reported to the National Commission for the Investigation of Research Misconduct

In June I managed to buy my very own apartment (just me!) - "Rose Castle" ;)

July was so hot, and Oslo was a perfect place to be - we went on the ferry to the islands almost every day

Then, in August, finally the day came when I moved into my apartment - I still think I have the nicest view, like, ever 😀

September was a mess (still with several ups, like meeting the fabulous Vibeke Fængsrud) - I got sick

I was in one of my first debates about nuclear power at Oslo Bokfestival - it went ok, and I met some great people, like Bård Michalsen, who has written a book about the comma (that I still haven´t read :/ )

I held my second TEDx talk, this time in Geneva - about "Why science should be more pink"

Then I went to Berkeley again; and after a tough fall semester I was proud that I managed to get results (yes, it´s still the uranium) and give a talk!

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