Hopp til innhold

Hour by hour

Yesterday we made the last Big Bang show. It´s over, already :/
At least it´s over for this time, but who knows what will happen...;) (The filming of the shows is over, that is; there are still three more shows that will be on TV - this Saturday, and the two to come.)
Thought I´d show you some hour-by-hour peeks of the day:

7: Time for coffee!
Love it when I can start the day with coffee and Anders - good start of the day.

8: Alexandra´s up and in my bed, watching cartoons on my Mac (her favourite) and eating breakfast - she loves the mornings when we can do this, and so do I. Mornings without stressing are the best <3 
9: We´re all on our way to kindergarden - Ulv too; dressed in one of Alexandras dresses from when she was a baby...

10: At Øysteins´s lab, getting Nitrogen for "my" superconductor.
Chemistry is so pretty!

11: Deep down in the Physics building: Liquid Nitrogen - check!

12: Preparing for the show - about quantum teleportation and stuff (yes, I know I have a lot of tabs open...:P)

1: More preparation.

Did you know that the World Wide Web (internet as most of us know it/use it) was invented at CERN?

2: At NRK

3: Hurry hurry! On our way to go through the manuscript of the day.

4: Not exactly sure what´s going on here, but we´re all in studio doing the sound check (this is before Kåre Magnus got sick, btw...)

5: Dinner time! I have always loved thai food (I should really go to Thailand...), and red curry take away from Tasty Thai soothes me perfectly.

6: Ready!
Really love what they did with both my make-up and my hair yesterday

I have no more pictures from the rest of the day. Of course I don´t bring my phone into the studio, and after we´re finished filming, I´m so "finished" myself - taking pictures is the last thing on my mind.
Have to tell you it was a really interesting and special show to make yesterday; not so much because it was the last one, but because poor Kåre Magnus got sick in the middle of the show. He had to run out several times to throw up - TRUE STORY! Still he got back, smiled, and finished his job; that´s what I call being professional (and I have no idea how he managed - when I´m sick like that, all I want, and can do, is to lie in bed and wish I was dead.)

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