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Einstein’s letter

So, I'm spending a lot of time working on my talk for Saturday these days, and a lot of my preparation is about searching for different kinds of images that I can use in the talk. As I told you on Monday, the title of my talk is "Could nuclear weapons save the planet", and there will of course be some talking about the history of nuclear weapons.
While searching for one thing, clicking on one link, and then clicking on another link in the first link, I came across this letter that Einstein wrote to President Roosevelt in 1939, when they had just discovered that uranium could fission and release those huge amounts of energy. And they were starting to understand that this could be used for making a very powerful weapon.
I just had to share this with my beautiful readers. This is history!


Anders I came home an hour ago, and we're going to eat some thai curry now. We'll probably watch Big Bang Theory ( <3 ), and after that we'll actually go to sleep - we've come into this mode where we go to bed really early, and get up equally early in the morning...and it feels great!
Tomorrow will be a day with more or less 100% focus on the TEDx talk; I've started on the manuscript, but I'm not even close to where I want to be. Hope it will be good in the end 😉


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