Hopp til innhold

To know what you don't know…

As scientists I think we always really, really, REALLY want to understand whatever we're working on exactly how and why - but often on our way to the how and the why we step into different problems than the ones we were aiming at solving in the first place... I think we all can relate to saying "I don't know" can be difficult; making you feel like you've in some way failed, right? But maybe just as much as it being no fun feeling like a "failure", it can be very hard to see that knowing what you don't know can also be a result 🙂

Today we had a moment like this; realizing that what we don't understand, or don't know, is actually an important result in itself - and it is such a great feeling!

(snaps from Instagram - @sunnivarose)
As earlier promised I'm trying to become better at girly outfit posting, so here's today's and yesterday's outfit: Same sweater - two styles! Yesterday (left picture) I styled it a little bit in the "preppy direction" - with a white shirt and a beige skirt, today more towards laid-back and comfy - with jeans and flats 🙂
Personally, I must admit I'm becoming more and more fond of the comfy style, and I really love my new, white (all white!) sneakers from Nelly, and the west from Gina Tricot. This west is seriously just perfect these days; on top of a sweater inside if it's a little chilly, or outside if it's suddenly not so chilly - or on top of a thin jacket if it's a tad bit colder outside.
Which look is your favourite?

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