Hopp til innhold

TBT – Japan

Tonight I just have to do a little "throwback Thursday": I've been going through a lot of my pictures as I've been preparing for Saturday's TEDx (sorry for talking so much about it, but it's pretty much all I've been doing today, and all I can think of 😉 ), and suddenly the folder was there - "Sushi&Nuclear" - and I had to take a peek.
In one way it feels like I was never there, and it was all just a dream... 
Of course it wasn't: It was such a great trip, and it would have been fantastic to go back again! 

Tomorrow I'm off to Bergen, and so far I have almost no clue as to what my outfit will be. I think my slides are almost a little too little pink (I just finished them, and emailed them off to Bergen), so I'm considering to wear pink to sort of balance it out. 
The only thing I'm pretty sure about is that these new, pretty little things from Nelly will be on my feet on Saturday...;) I am considering beige chinos and a pink top (and the shoes, of course) - what do you think?

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