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This week's work

As I told you on Monday, we have visitors this week. What we're actually doing is that we are studying fission - or to be more precise; gamma radiation from fission. 
As you might know, or remember from earlier blog posts, fission is when a heavy atomic nucleus splits in two (this can happen to for example uranium-235). When this happen, you will get these fission fragments (this is what the two parts of the original nucleus are called) that have A LOT of extra energy, and some of this energy will be sent away as gamma radiation. A little bit like when we're really hot we start to sweat, and when a nucleus is really hot it emits gamma radiation 😉
We want know everything about this type of radiation! For example it can have a lot of different energies, and we don't know how many gammas the fission fragments will emit and so on. Basically we want to know how and why and just all there is to know <3

my look yesterday: a white men's shirt (HM) and the statement necklace I got from my mother for Christmas (Aldo) <3

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