Hopp til innhold

In Cannes

My grandpa has an apartment in Cannes, at the French Riviera, and when my mother asked me if I wanted to join her there for a couple of days during Easter I wasn't at all in doubt whether to say yes.

We arrived on Sunday, and are staying until Thursday.

We had an amazing fish at "belle plage" at the beach when we arrived!

The weather was kind of cold, but it was beautiful to be inside, eating and drinking, and looking out at the Mediterranean Sea ❤️

Yesterday and today have been sunny, around 18 degrees, and really nice! (Nothing is like a glass of rosé in the sun 😉 )

This place that we visited today was awesome: they had this menu, where everything costed 6 euros, and everything was for sharing. We chose the most delicious cheese and duck terrine (terrine de canard) - perfect!

This Easter is kind of "crazy" compared to what I'm used to: normally I work at least half of the time, but this time I'm going directly from two days with Anders at Farris bad, to Cannes, and then to the mountains back in Norway... That's two and a half weeks away from work (ok, not completely - I spent some time working yesterday, but mostly I'm relaxing). I call it "charging my batteries before I'm goin into crazy work for my PhD" 🙂

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