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Goal(s) of the week: MERGE

I have one, main goal this week, and that is to merge two different drafts of the next article (meaning: number three, meaning: with this third article, I will actually have what I need to have, to wrap everything up and finish my PhD...) - into one, and send this merged draft to two of the co-authors (Gry and Fabio). It sounds easy enough, but I know it takes much more time than it sounds like, so I've divided this one, big goal into several sub-goals (then I know that even if I don't really manage to tick off the "merge, finished", I can tick off several sub-goals, and not feel like a failure):

I have a good feeling about work this week - it may of course be because the sun is shining, and Alexandra was happy girl this morning, and campus is suddenly packed with students again - but I have already started to look carefully at the introductions that I need to compare, and  I've copied the text about the experiment. I've also just started to re-write the experimental text, and now I'll continue.
If I'm very good, my extra-goal will be to start the talk I'm going to give in Bruges (Belgium) in the middle of September... *fingers crossed*


PS: VELKOMMEN til alle nye studenter til UiO, og spesielt velkommen til alle dere her på fysikk!

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