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Thank you LeRosey!

Dear students of Institut Le Rosey, thank you all for a great event!

It was such an honour to be the speaker between Jean-Claude Biver and Nicholas Negroponte! Only wish that we all have had much more time to talk after the event - time flew by way too fast 😉

I feel proud to have taken part of your conference; thank you so much for inviting me!

Many of you told me that you were inspired from my talk - but I must say that all of you guys really are an inspiration to me too <3

Maybe I´ll start writing some of my blog posts in English - we´ll see...


For those that weren´t there, here´s a little taste of my "conclusion" of the talk:

So why should science be more pink? Should science be pink?


Pink is a "state of mind". For me personally it´s also about the colour pink, obvioulsy; but it´s mostly about me being allowed to be me - feminine, a girly girl, but respected, and not judged.

It´s about balance, diversity, democracy!

Maybe I, as a woman embracing my femininity, being a single mother of Alexandra, bring different perspectives into science than the classic, male "nerd"? It´s not like we should paint the physics auditorium pink, or that everyone should wear high heels and boas.

We need people with different backgrounds. That means different sexes, different ethnisities, different interests. Different hopes and dreams. Different experiences, different perspectives and skills!
It is not ok if we think that you can´t be feminine and into science - because science somehow by definition is non-feminine. When did it become non-feminine to work for a better world?!? 

last look in the mirror before it´s my turn - excited and a little nervous 😉

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  1. bananafurby

    This is really amazing! You are such an inspiration. I love how you combine your love for science with pink. It can be really difficult to feel "allowed" to put on a nice dress or even heels (!) to go to the lab, you want to fit in (whatever that means in this business) but still be yourself. Keep at it =)


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