Hopp til innhold

December 8th

Since I´ve sort of travelled through time (at least that´s what it feels like) and now am in Berkeley I though todays advent calendar should be about why I´m really here 🙂 So today i give you fission! 
Yes, again its´fission of uranium-234. This time its´gamma radiation from fission (there is always gammas when a nucleus fissions, and here you see 765 914 gammas at one time xD ), in opposition to a couple of days ago when I showed you particles from fission. 
Both of the axis are energy: The x-axis is gamma-energy (so energy of the gammas that are emitted), and the y-axis is excitation energy (energy of the nucleus before it fissions - the nucleus gets so excited that it just has to split in two 😀 )
PS: I think time is very fascinating... here is a picture of me in on of SAS´ time capsules, just after we reached Canada. I´m looking down, around 12000 meters, at snow, and ice, and snow, and snow, and ice 😛 

PPS: I think it´s just EXTREMELY fascinating and almost crazy that we can actually get a plane in the air - love it <3

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