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Yesterday was my 31st birthday, and during these 31 years I´ve "achieved" different things...I made a list of some of the first things that came to my mind:

I´ve been pregnant, I´ve given birth, and I had a daughter <3 

I´ve learned 2.5 languages, I´ve travelled to 5 continents, and I lived abroad - in Paris. I started university, and I earned a master´s degree. I have failed courses at the university. I have been in love (several times) and I´ve been heartbroken (once I was so shocked and devastated that my entire body stiffened - my neck, back and arms ached for more than a week). I´ve lived in 15 different places, and I have owned two of them - the 15th I bought all by myself. I´ve worked as a dance teacher, I´ve worked as a "normal" teacher, I´ve worked in a perfumery, I´ve been a consultant at the Norwegian radiation protection authority, and I´ve worked at a science library.

I´ve had dreams that were shattered, and I´ve had dreams that are still there. 

I´ve weighed 100 kilos. 

I have been depressed. 

I have danced on stage, I have sung on stage - I have danced AND sung on stage. 

I´ve published scientific papers, and I have talked at scientific conferences. I´ve been accused of cheating, and I´ve been accused of lying (when I had actually never been more open and honest in my entire life - guess I´ve learned that being honest and telling the truth doesn´t meen you have to tell everyone EVERYTHING)
I´ve been dumped by facebook chat (a little bit like the post it in Sex and the City: "sorry I can´t don´t hate me").
I have given two TEDx talks, I´ve written several opinion articles for Aftenposten, I´ve been inteviewed, I´ve been an "expert" on the radio, and I have been on TV. 

I have voted.   

I´ve talked to thousands of kids about science, and why it is awesome, and why they could choose science if they really want to change the world <3

I hope my year as 31 will be a good one - I must have learned something by now, or what?

had a small celebration - girls night - with Alexandra, my mother, my sister, and her daughter Andrea last night, and it was really nice 🙂

2 kommentarer til “31

  1. Anonym

    Gratulerer med overstått! Du har jommen oppnådd og utretta veldig mye positivt, definitivt ei liste med mye du kan være stolt av 🙂 Håper det 31. året blir strålende!
    Vennlig hilsen fysiker og fast bloggleser.

  2. Sunniva

    Tusen takk for hyggelig kommentar!
    Jeg har stor tro på 2015 - både på generell basis, og som mitt år som 31 😉
    Håper du får et flott år selv!


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