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2014 *check*

It´s time for another recap of 2014, and then I´m definitely "done" with last year. The first recap was about my biggest moments of 2014, but as a girly blogger it´s essential to show a lot of selfies and outfits, so today I want to share my 12 favourite outfits/selfies of last year <3<3<3
I have also gone through a lot of the outreach/science communication work I did last year (the Institute want to know, of course 🙂 ), and I must say I am actually a little proud of what I managed... I gave at least 30 talks, and if I count how many people I reached last year it´s at least 15000 (the two TEDx talks helps quite a lot, of course). If I also think that I "reach" 30 pupils through every teacher I talk to, the number doubles (I gave several talks to teachers around Norway last year). Also, the blog had an average of 15000 hits per month - which I think is quite ok for a pink blog about nuclear physics and research and stuff 😉
This year I hope to do even better - I want to reach more people (through the blog, and through talks), I want to give better talks, and I want to inspire more people to go into science <3 













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