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Finnish National Board of Education

Today was the meeting with the Ludvigsen committee (us) and the Finnish National Board of Education - it truly was a very interesting and inspiring meeting <3 
And if anyone was wondering; no, we did not go to Finland to make a copy of their school in Norway. We went to learn more about their thoughts about their system and their process to get where they are.

In Finland they do not have national tests, so they don´t get that ranking of schools - and what I really loved hearing was that when people ask how they know if a school is a good school or not, they say that every school is a good school 😀 The teachers are probably less "free" than in Norway, though - with a curriculum that is waaay more detailed than ours (600 pages...!)
After we finally arrived Helsinki last night, we ate dinner at Olo - a fantastic restaurant! We were lucky that the restaurant accepted us, since we were more than an hour late for our reservation...because of snow and ice and hail at Gardermoen (winter - *yuck*). The airport apparently shut down just after we left, so I guess we were lucky that we didn´t get more delayed.
Anyway; the food was absolutely delicious, and I´m so glad they accepted us!

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