Hopp til innhold


What a day - or, really it´s more like a "no day"; first of all it´s really cold in Oslo today, and I hate to freeze, and even though I try my best not to freeze I still end up doing it anyway (apparently I haven´t learned to dress properly for the Norwegian climate - after just 31 years of practicing :P)... Second, I haven´t done anything today - which of course is not entirely true, but my day has consisted of getting up and getting Alexandra to kindergaden, a doctor´s appointment for me, a dentist´s appointment for Alexandra - and suddenly it was 1 PM before I was at my office - even though I got up at 6 AM, and, well, now I´m gonna spend the next 45 minutes answering e-mails, and then I have to leave to get Alexandra in kindergarden (#mommylife).
The only good thing about the cold weather is that I can wear my favourite, pink hat with bling - I love it so much that I even wear it inside. My big coffee mug, which is a memory from my semester as a master student in Paris (a real Monoprix coffee mug 😛 ) is also good to hold on to. 
Since this is a pink, girly blog, it´s totally ok (close to recommended) to share 4 almost identical pictures of myself, wearing my pink, blingy hat, in my office. You can also see my two office mates; Lucia <3 and Aylin <3

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