Hopp til innhold

Working from home

So, what happened to spring? 
It´s not possible to get anywhere in Oslo today, so my plans about getting Alexandra to kindergarden as early as possible, and then get to Soria Moria and another day of writing seminar with the rest of the girls in the nuclear physics group...well, it doesn´t exactly look that that will happen :/ Also, the snow makes me depressed; spring, please come back - I want to feel the sun warm my cheek and be happy and in love (well, at least the stupid snow can´t take away the last one, though)!
Luckily it´s normally possible for me to work from more or less everywhere, so instead of sitting at Soria Moria, or my office, I´m sitting in my own living room, writing about my favourite particle in the entire universe (that I/we know of - of course, there might exist cooler particles); the neutron <3<3<3
Now I have to be strict and focus on thesis writing, but maybe I should tell you guys a little bit about my neutrons later? Yell out if you want me to 😉

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