Hopp til innhold


Friday evening everyone - and for a lot of you; start of the easter holiday 🙂 
Not for me, though; I will probably work Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday (after that A will be with me, and we will focus on easter, and family and chocolate and spring) - I really need it, ´cause everything takes more time than I´m planning on :/ Like today: I had a plan, and I´ve tried quite hard to follow it, but I never got to the "calibrating the sodium iodide detectors" part of it... I did attend a meeting I had forgot about, though, and I made this event for those wanting to do a Master´s degree in nuclear physics in our group. I also spent some time on my thesis, on the Nuclear data needs for future reactors and fuels chapter. One word at a time, my thesis is growing.
Anyway: T. G. I. F. !
Wine, knowing that I wont wake up by the alarm tomorrow (but Alexandra - which is so much better), Anders at the other side of the table (programming, I think), soon chicken salad, Big Bang manuscript, and maybe one more glass of wine... Bon week-end tout le monde <3

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