Hopp til innhold

Talk talk and talk (foredrag)

Good morning from the airport everyone!

I'm blogging from the gate at Gardermoen airport - on my way to Trondheim to give a talk about nuclear power (it will actually be more like two talks: one about "myths" about nuclear power and radiation, and one more technical about thorium as a nuclear fuel) for a bunch of science teachers *excited!* 😀
Just "stopping by" to say Hi, and wish you all a great, sunny (at least the weather is beautiful here at Gardermoen) day, and to tell you about the talks I'll be giving before summer - in case anyone's interested in coming 😉
  • May 6th: The "Women in Tech"-conference 
  • May 12th: Popular talk about nuclear power and maybe some thorium
  • Week 21: About the progress of my uranium-233 experiment - at the Oslo (nuclear physics) Workshop
  • May 26th: The future of nuclear power and thorium and what's really "the thing" about Norwegian thorium - INSEAD Alumni 
  • June 1st: Popular talk about nuclear power and thorium
So if you're interested, the two talks in pink are open to everyone...;)

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