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From scratch (recipe)

Yesterday we had a bunch of high school students visiting the University - that is, the ones that have applied to become a student at the faculty of mathematics and science this fall. They got the opportunity to "test"  life as a student, and one of the things we did (of course) was to make liquid nitrogen ice cream. Ice cream made with just eggs, cream, sugar and liquid nitrogen is the best EVER, and of course I want to share the joy with my readers <3 <3 <3

You need:
- liquid nitrogen (5 litres)

- gloves and goggles (recommended - liquid nitrogen is REALLY cold, and you don't want it in your eyes)
- heavy cream (3 cups)
- eggs (3)
- sugar (1 cup)
- if you want to, you can add flavour - like espresso, chocolate, strawberries, vanilla, cocoa, or whatever you want!
You can make the ice cream in two ways: 
Either mix the cream and eggs and sugar, then add the nitrogen (little by little), as you mix with a wooden spoon - this is sort of the "rough and rustic" way...
Or use a "stand mixer" (e.g., a KitchenAid mixer), with a "flat beater" blade. Pour some mix into the bowl, run the machine at low to medium speed, and slowly pour in the nitrogen. If you hear crunching sounds, slow down on the nitrogen. After a few minutes the mix should become quite thick; you may have to scrape a frozen crust off the sides of the bowl (use a wooden spoon). Keep at it until you like the consistency, which will basically be "soft ice cream." Remove the bowl, and serve with a wooden spoon 🙂
I'm soooo making this for Alexandra's next birthday...!
/ me and Ilan"testing" life at the University - from my Snapchat story yesterday --> follow me @ sunnivarose  🙂 /

So, we served ice cream from scratch; but not as from scratch as Carl Sagan's apple pie: "If you wish to make an apple pie from scratch, you must first invent the universe." BEAUTIFUL!

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