Hopp til innhold

Just do it!

I'm a master of procrastination, and not doing what I'm supposed to. Especially when it comes to stuff that I find hard - write the first 50% of an article, analyse new data, do new stuff that I know I wont understand all of by myself...so, more or less doing my job 😛
Yesterday I spent all the time before lunch not writing on my article, but browsing stuff on line instead. How silly is that? I didn't even realize how much time I spent on this, before I had to leave for my interview with P1 and Norgesglasset (which is HERE, in Norwegian...). One of my colleagues said that "sometimes you just have to sit down and do it, not all the other stuff", and she is just so right. So when I came back, I sat down, opened my article document, and attacked the introduction part. I made a real plan for what should be included in this article, and what should be in the next one, and from this I made a real outline for the article I'm working on now. Even though I know stuff can happen, and that maybe I have to do minor (or major) changes, that's ok, and I can't worry about that. At least if that worrying is gonna stop me from actually doing something.
So f*** everything else (like "oh, but I should just answer these e-mails, and maybe I should go get a soda, and also I need a coffee, I think, and I'm just gonna check facebook, and then think about all those blog posts I should write about different aspects of nuclear physics, and I have to explain why science sort of works to these people who think that Big Pharma are trying to kill them with vaccines") and just do it. It's as simple, and as difficult as that. JUST. DO. IT.
I think it will help me if I become better at making plans and lists that are actually possible to get through, too. Now I feel like a total failure everyday, since I always have, like, half or more of the stuff I was supposed to do, not checked off at my list by the end of the day. My "list" for today is as follows: finish this blog post, finish draft of the "intro" for my article, finish the "experimental setup" part (almost there, I think), and get my preliminary results into the "data analysis" part. Then I will send what I have to supervisor Sunniva, and ask her what she thinks.  If there should be some spare time before the library closes, I'm 100% sure that I will figure out more smart things to do with that extra time...;)
After work today I'm meeting Charlotte! We haven't been out in a very long time, so I'm really looking forward to have some wine, and talk, and have fun <3
I bought this relaxed, white, thin shirt and this big yellow necklace (I think I'm in LOVE!) at H&M yesterday. Think it looks quite cool, with the hair and the tight jeans and the heels 🙂
PS: I still miss Anders - only 19 more days to go now... <3

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