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4 years!!! (oh. my. god.)

I can't believe it's been four years already!
Four. Years.
Since I started blogging, about nuclear physics and research and stuff.
Four years since September 8th, 2011, when I wrote my first blog post ever; about how I was a little bit hung over, and couldn't really concentrate about making the conference talk I was supposed to be making - so I made a blog instead. I do not regret that today <3 (I don't really say that I was hung over in that first blog post, but that was the real reason why I had trouble concentrating...;))
When I realized that it was my fourth anniversary today, I made a decision: One year from now, exactly, I will hand in my PhD thesis. It's perfect timing, since I have funding until the end of December 2016, and it takes about three months from the thesis is handed in, until you can defend it - meaning that if all goes according to my plan, I don't have to sell everything and move out on the streets as I'm waiting for my thesis defence 😛
I've celebrated my decision/goal, by working on the analysis of fission of uranium-233. It's been a very good day, and supervisor-Jon seems quite happy and excited about the results we are seeing now... I can't tell you exactly what it is yet, but hopefully there will be a new article in a couple of months (maybe earlier???), and then I'll give you all the details of this plot, and then some more - I PROMISE <3<3<3

A million thanks to all of you who read my blog - I hope you will continue to "follow" me as I try to finish this PhD project. *kisses* 

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