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Risks in perspective (#Selfie)

Today I've been busy all day - doing close to no actual research (#phdlife 😛 ).

A substantial part of this Monday was spent on radiation protection training (which, of course, is very important for us to be able to do the research we're doing - so it's not like the day was wasted...it just feels a little bit like I didn't do "anything"), and I just have to share this list where the risk of radiation exposure is sort of put in perspective. This list gives an estimate of basically how many days of your life you have to say bye to, when you do different things:

  • smoking 20 cigarettes a day: 2370 days (6.5 years)
  • being 20% overweight: 985 days (2.7 years)
  • alcohol consumption (US average): 1 year
  • mining and quarrying: 328 days
  • construction accidents: 227 days
  • car accidents: 207 days
  • home accidents: 74 days
  • receiving a dose of 10 milli Sievert per year, every year for 47 years: 51 days
  • natural hazards (earthquakes, floods): 7 days
The conclusion is that the risk of radiation (even quite "large" doses; 10 milli Sievert in one year is much more than I have EVER received working at the cyclotron laboratory in Oslo, or at any other nuclear lab) is smaller than most other activities you do in your life - just wanted to tell you <3


My physicist office look of today was in the comfy style I've become so fond of lately; favourite jeans (HM), #Selfie top (HM), and white (or maybe more like grey now?) Converse.

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