Hopp til innhold

Abels tårn on Wednesday

New week. New possibilities!

I must admit I've suddenly gone into a "OMG, it's less than 11 months left until I'm finishing my thesis - OMG. OMG! OMG!!!" sort of state, and I guess every Monday blogpost could just be so this week I'm going to try to work on my article/thesis/analysis, but I'm still not there where I'm not doing anything else than my article/thesis/analysis, so there is a little bit more to say: In addition to working (my goal: A LOT) on my article and the rest of my analysis there are some other cool things going on the next days:
First and foremost I'm going to be on Abels Tårn on P2 on Wednesday (not the normal air time for Abels Tårn), where I might talk about fusion, and I might talk about Molten Salt Reactors - who knows? 😉
On Thursday I will give a talk about outreach "beyond the scientific conferences" for doctors and others on Radiologisk Høstmøte. It's not open to everyone, but I'm proud to be asked to talk at places like this, about my experiences with outreach and blogging and all that, so I just wanted to tell you anyway. (I think it should be ok to be proud, right?).

And don't forget "question of the month"! I will probably make this blogpost on Wednesday (no promises, though), and it's not too late to ask questions. The questions I get that I don't answer this time are just saved in a folder, and will be answered later <3

Ok, enough chit-chat - now it's time for some serious working on plots and tables of uranium-234, for my next article!
Talk to you later 🙂


PS: I must admit that even though I think it's already starting to be too cold outside, there have been some very beautiful days lately, and fall isn't just all that bad. Like last week when we went to my mothers to pick the apples - Alexandra and Andrea and Arian are just so cute together <3

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