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10 reasons why I love nuclear physics

Today I've been preparing for a talk that i'll be giving tomorrow: it's for high school students that are visiting the University, and my title is 10 reasons why I love nuclear physics.
Well, the title I was given was 10 reasons why I like nuclear physics, but of course I had to change the like into a love; I guess with me there's no in between - I either love something, or I hate it, and I love nuclear physics <3
  1. the idea of the atom is really a philosophical and "simple" idea
  2. the atom is more or less all empty space
  3. the nuclear force is the strongest one we know of - when we release it, fascinating (and scary) things can happen
  4. things are strange: mass can become energy, and energy can become mass (Einstein, Einstein, Einstein)
  5. nuclear power is environmental friendly: 1.053 grams of uranium-235 that all fission release the same amount of energy as if you burn 4 tons of coal
  6. nuclear power is the safest way (of all) of producing power, but interestingly that isn't the common perception
  7. it's all kind of mysterious - the nucleus radiates, and there's a lot of fear around this, but all in all it's "just" energy 🙂
  8. knowledge that can be used to produce weapons of mass destruction can also be used to cure cancer <3
  9. it's still sooo much we don't understand; 100 years after Rutherford discovered the atomic nucleus, we are still doing extremely similar experiments
  10. the study of (some of) the smallest things (the nucleus) is suddenly the same as studying the biggest things (big explosions in space)


I have to get up super early tomorrow morning, to finish my slides, so I think I'll just say good night, and sleep tight <3<3<3

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