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Nerdy Baby!

I've translated a book! And written a preface! (Yes, I am yelling - in case you were wondering. I'm proud, that's why 😀 ) Prosjekt Baby, or the Human Infant Project!
a very very fresh Alexandra - ready to go home from the hospital (she's born in February, in Norway - therefore the woolen socks 😉 )

It's a baby book, written and illustrated by a fantastic artist - Tiffany Ard. This scrapbook is an alternative to all the pink and blue baby scrapbooks that are out there. The book is neutral when it comes to the sex of the baby, since the thoughts and feelings you have when you are expecting are more or less the same if you're having a boy or a girl. But most importantly it's pretty and funny and a little bit sciency 😉
I soooo wish I had had this book when I was expecting Alexandra. If I'm ever having another baby there's no question which book  will be used to save all kinds of memories from the pregnancy and the first years of the baby (from the very happy ones: the baby is amazing and I love him/her from the bottom of my heart, to the scientific: the top story in Nature is they've cured HIV and AIDS, to the not so happy: I slept five minutes this night, and am this close to throwing the f***ing  baby from the balcony)!

The book includes (quoted from Tiffany Ard's page about the book):
  • all the standard basic birth details
  • family background
  • anticipation! Whether you adopt or go through pregnancy or sit in the car while your husband steals a baby from rich people, the waiting is the hardest part...
  • parental sleep statistics
  • firsts - like bath, outing, babysitter, illness, toys, nicknames, smile, laugh, haircut, early physics experiments (which can include standing/walking/etc
  • favorite and least favorite things
  • motor reflexes (in motor reflexes bingo format)
  • height and weight chart
  • 1 year celebration
  • 3 year celabration
  • quotes by Neil deGrasse Tyson
  • beautiful drawings of cells (my words, not quoted by Tiffany)
  • place for handprints and footprints
  • spaces for attaching photos
  • several blank pages for any other details or keepsakes
  • plus much more...

Also, I think the Prosjekt Baby is so incredibly pretty, I can't believe it <3 (I know I already said that, but I just had to say it again.)

On Tiffany's Nerdy Baby page, it's also possible to buy books like Schrödinger's kitty and  Science Coloring Book (The World's Most Ridiculously Excellent); Alexandra will definitely get some of her christmas presents from Tiffany this year <3
LIKE Tiffany Ard and her Nerdy Baby Artwork HERE, buy the Human Infant Project HERE (English, original), or buy the Prosjekt Baby HERE (Norwegian, translated, and with my preface 🙂 )
<3 "a detailed lab report" <3

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