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Experimental setup

Today I sent away the "Experimental setup" part of the paper I'm working on to Sunniva (supervisor) - we're supposed to discuss the paper tomorrow, and my goal ("milestone") this week is that that part of the paper is done.
I feel like I'm moving forward, but it's with baby steps, and it stresses me a bit. However, I am moving forward...<3
I feel like I'm on a good track now, after I started #teamsunnivarose: I've been early at the office every day (before 9, or, like yesterday, 9:00 - but then I had already been for a walk, and passed the days Exercise goal :P), and even if I don't get through all my to dos, I think I'm doing better.

- love my Apple Watch <3 -
Here in Rose castle, it's quiet: Alexandra just fell asleep, and Anders hasn't left the university yet (#phdlife). I'm watching a ginormous pot of chili that I'm making, and trying to finish an opinion article Anders and I are writing, and the next Question of the month blogpost (which should already have been here, but I've been busy writing about the experimenatl setup of the Oslo cyclotron and the uranium-233 experiment 🙂 ).
Ok, guess I just wanted to say Hi - so: Hiiiii *hand wave*!

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