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Nuclear physicist or girly girl? (Crazy day)

My original plan today was something like this:
  • get up
  • meet Ingrid for an early coffee
  • meet my little sister, Carina, to get lash extensions (it was her Christmas present for me, and it's a good idea to do it now before the semester turns crazy)
  • go to the University and write on my paper (write, make figures, and maybe even do some more of the remaining analysis).

Then I woke up at 06:30, by the radio as we always do: "North Korea has tested what they claim to be a hydrogen bomb", and then this happened instead:
  • VG sent me an sms wondering if I could talk to them about the H-bomb
  • I got in the shower
  • VG called me - I talked to them
  • I read a little bit about about thermonuclear weapons
  • I realsized there would be no coffee with Ingrid, and Anders and i decided to have a coffee at Kaffebrenneriet at Sagene - where he could esily get to the University, and I could easily get to Bjerke (where I had the lashes date with my sister)
  • VG called again, wondering if I could come to their studio, but I was on my way to my appointment with Carina, so I had to decline
  • TV2 called, and I talked to them on the bus to meet Carina
At this time I realised that maybe this day would be mostly about hydrogen weapons, and not so much about the theory of the "Oslo method"...:P
I wanted to be a girly girl today <3
  • Carina and I got to the lashes place, I muted my phone (but not my Apple watch), and we started the treatment, where I had to lay still with my eyes closed for 2.5 hours...
  • my phone rang, but I couldn't answer it
  • my phone rang again, but I couldn't answer it
  • Carina's phone rang
  • I got an sms 
  • my phone rang again, but I couldn't answer it
  • I felt like I had to pee, and when I asked if I had to keep my eyes closed for much longer, the reply I got was 1.5 hours...
  • ...and so on...

We finished what we started, I could go to the toilet, and I could check my phone. It looked something like this:
I realised I wasn't going back to University, but home to Rose castle to charge my phone, my Mac, and talk and read.
  • interview with VG
  • interview with Stavanger Aftenblad
  • I showered and picked out an outfit I felt was appropriate on TV
  • went to TV2
  • got make-up on
  • interview for the news at 18:30
  • live interview for the 17:00 news
  • took a taxi from TV2 to NRK
  • Dagsnytt18
  • interview for Dagsrevyen
  • met Anders, and we saw the strange lights on the sky as we were walking towards the metro, in the freezing cold <3

thanks Mari, you're the best <3
Now I'm finally home, and of course I have a long list of un-ticked to dos from today, which I'm not doing today, since now I'm going to bed. I've done my best today, and tomorrow's a new day, and I'll continue on my writing and my analysis and everything 🙂
Dagsnytt18 (I'm at 9 something minutes) 
I think the "title" Nuclear Physicist and Girly Blogger has never been more suiting that today...

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