Hopp til innhold

Submission successful!

Monday again! I've started this week by sending away an abstract for a conference i Belgium in the middle of September (if all goes according to my plan, this conference will be just the week after I have submitted my PhD thesis, and if I actually get to give a talk at there I will probably hate myself for submitting this abstract today 😛 ). The title of what I want to present ended up as:
Prompt fission gamma ray emission from the (d,p)-induced fission of 233U 


After I had successfully submitted my abstract, the rest of the day was spent on working on my data analysis program, and looking at different plots, and try to understand details of the experiments we do, and stuff.
Then I got home, prepared for a talk I'll be giving in Hamar tomorrow, and then I made dinner for Anders and me - an easy, Indian thing this time. I'm working on another Working your ass off dinner, and when I have perfected the recipe I will share it with you guys - if you want me to, of course 😉
Now it's time to go to bed, since I'm getting up super early tomorrow... Kiss and hugs, and sleep tight <3

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