Hopp til innhold

Stavanger next

Hi everyone...
Alexandra's still sick. Yesterday I was so sure that today would be the last day with no kindergarden, but then she has actually been a little bit worse today, so it looks like tomorrow will also be spent at home. It's never a good time when kids get sick, and especially when it happens when you have deadlines and are going away...which is the case for me now :/ Tomorrow I'm going to Stavanger and I'm staying there until Thursday. I'll be giving two talks; one at THIS conference, on Wednesday, and one at a school - about nuclear physics and research and stuff, on Thursday. So I'll be heading for Stavanger tomorrow morning, and fortunately I have the best Anders <3 who's staying to take care of Alexandra.
// memories from another trip to Stavanger - unfortunately Toril's not there this time :/ //
Now it's time to finish booking my flights and my hotel room, and to look over my talks. Then Anders I will start season two of West Wing. We just started watching it, and oh my, the season finally of season one is the biggest cliffhanger I have ever seen...!

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