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"Natural" (rant) on the radio

Remember this blogpost/rant, about how I hate the word "natural"?

Well, tomorrow I'm going to be on the radio (Kulturnytt), to rant a little bit more about why I think it's silly to use naturality as an argument for anything. Of course, a lot of things that people like to think about as natural are good, but that's not because they are "natural" - like I said in the other blogposts: a lot of things that are 100% "natural" are not at all good for us...
Judging by the first pictures you get from a "natural" google search, water is one of the things that's very "natural". Well, what if I go to the lab and make water from oxygen gas and hydrogen gas? Is there a difference on the water made in the lab or the water you get from nature?
Of course not!
(If you think there's a difference here, you're just missing basic knowledge of chemistry - you should educate yourself, and not go on and on about how "natural" is better.)

What does it even mean? What is "natural", and what is "un-natural"?

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