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SoMe lately

Good morning, and happy Monday everyone <3

I'm just here to say a quick hello, before going to the University; unfortunately it will be a short week this week, because of Thursday, so I have to be very effective today and tomorrow (on Wednesday I'm getting Alexandra in kindergarden and everything, so then it's just time for a normal, short day). 
The clock is ticking too fast :/ 
Maybe it's a good idea to have one, main goal this week, instead of trying to do a little bit of this and a little bit of that? If so, my main goal this week is called "prompt fission gamma rays" - in there is gathering figures for supervisor Jon, trying to get a Skype meeting with Jon (we've been trying this for weeks now :P), reading stuff, working on poster for PhD day and more... Yeah, I think one goal is good 🙂
I also want to share some everyday snaps from Instagram and Snapchat - I've been a little bit "better" at this lately. Especially I've been inspired by Jill Walker Retteberg (professor in digital culture at the University of Bergen), and also by Anders, on how to use Snapchat to tell little science stories - my plan is to explore these possibilities in the future (when I remeber it, and have the time, obviously), starting last week, really. So follow me on @sunnivarose on Instagram and sunnivarose on Snapchat 😉

morning bliss in Rose Castle, featuring Andrea, Anders, and Alexandra
the most beautiful pink roses ever, from Anders 
after working out - for a body that's gonna be healthy for ever 😀
playing Cars Against Humanity this Saturday - hilarious!
left: physicist outfit 1 - jeans, sneakers, white shirt, and a big scarf
middle: saturdate outfit - ready for Mathallen and Champagneria with the best guy <3 (btw: I love this skirt from HM!)
right: physicist outfit 2 - beige chinos, pink top, and pink cardigan
the dress - from Ellos of all things...I should've got several 

evening shift at the cyclotron, before I got the migraine...

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