Hopp til innhold

Goal of the day

After yesterday's not feeling so great and mostly procrastinating-day, I think I'll try baby steps today: My goal is to find/produce the figures of these fission gamma rays (they will be far from "ready", but I'll make them as good as I can), and send them off to supervisor Jon.
Goal number two is to fix my abstract for PhD Day: I said I did it yesterday, but then there was some problem - probably that it was 100 words too long, so I need to shave it a bit, and retry. It will be done by the end of this day 🙂
Thanks so much to the best officemate ever, Gry, who's smiling and telling me that my thesis will actually be great, and that I've just buried my head down into some details that are not so fun, and very soon everything will feel better...<3

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