Hopp til innhold

by TiMo

Last week, when I was out with girls, Anita told me you have to wear something Norwegian for your thesis defence...what about byTiMo, it's just perfect for you! I hadn't really heard about it before, but she showed me their Instagram account, and I could see why she thought I needed something (or more) from them 😉
On Saturday, when Anders and I were out, being a couple, drinking wine, and shopping for the 17th of May, we stumbled across by TiMO on Byporten (I had no idea they had a shop there), and of course I had to go in. Anita was so right, and I ended up with two dresses (Anders got me one of them, since I had trouble deciding, and he thought I looked good in both <3). The one on the pictures here was perfect for 17th of May, and luckily we had the most fantastic weather yesterday, and the other one is a dress that may actually be suitable for my thesis defence (the day will come...). I won't show you the other one yet, since if I'll use for my thesis defence, then I sort of want it to be a little bit of a surprise.

Here are some snapshots from yesterday - needless to say, I think; I love my new, beautiful, pink, flowery dress <3 

me an my dad
Today I've had a good chat with Sunniva (supervisor), about the layout I've made so far for my PhD thesis, and about some plans I have about writing another article - which will be more of a "popular" type of article. She was all for it, and she was also very enthusiastic about the work I've done with my thesis (which is not at all much, but at least I've started)!

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