Hopp til innhold

It's getting real…

I am so sorry I've been away for a week now, but Jon (my supervisor from Paris) was here, and we've been working more or less non stop. Don't get me wrong; I love these kinds of visits, and of course there's also been time for socialising after a long day at the office - what Jon calls work hard, play hard.
If we'd skipped the socialising bit I guess I would've had time for updating here, but the part where we're actually also friends, and not just colleagues is so important - I don't even really see that as an option. Therefore I'll repeat: I'm sorry I've been away, but I'm not really sorry for the choices I've made; we've made great progress and had a lot of fun at the same time.
play hard - Sunniva and Sunniva at Herregårdskroen <3
But to the title; yes, it's all getting real now... 
We went through the article that's almost finished, and even though we didn't finish it completely (which was sort ofa a goal), I feel really close now - and sure that I'll make this last part by myself 🙂
We worked on the gamma rays, and we did start the next article. 
And me and Jon went through the entire outline for my thesis, and he said something I took as a big compliment: I'm not at all worried about you writing this thing, you'll do a great job, I'm sure of it. Jon really is Mr. WorriedGuy, so when he says something like this, it really means a lot 🙂
I feel like from now on it may come more weeks like this one, where I actually won't have time for updating the blog. Wish it wasn't so, but then again it feels really great to take these leaps forward, towards the finishing line. It's still a lot to do, but tomorrow I hope to finish the last big "hole" in my article, and if Sunniva approves, we'll send it off to all the co-authors (that won't happen tomorrow, sine I know Sunniva'll have quite a lot of comments, and then I'll have to fix all those, but then maybe it's time...;) ).
Another thing that's getting real is Alexandra becoming a big girl; today she had her preschool visit at her school; in just two and a half months she'll be a real school girl. That's such a big leap, and somehow it feels surreal and fantastic and almost sad (not really sad, but "strange sad" that she's not a little girl anymore) - all at one time <3

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