Hopp til innhold

Happy Birthday, University of Oslo!

Dear Univeristy of Oslo! 
You are a place for learning, love, laughter. A place I've cried (more than once), or been so frustrated I could've thrown my computer in the wall, but I've smiled and laughed more. You are green gras, and brick-stone buildings. A place for coffee, beer, friends, and fights. Discussions and debates. Knowledge. Science. You are fantastic people - from the oldest emeriti to the youngest students.
Socializing, fun, exciting, tiring. Challenges, difficulties, boredom, loneliness. Interesting, developing.
Dear Univeristy of Oslo, I've been with you for 13 years now (with just a little bit on and off) - you've helped me with my Bachelor's degree and my Master's degree, and soon (hopefully) my PhD degree. 
Dear Univeristy of Oslo, today it's September 2nd, the sun is shining, and you're turning 205 years - happy birthday to you! I think I may love you a little bit, you're one of my favourite places in the world, and you'll always be a big part of me and who I am <3
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