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Another side of PhDLife: Banquet in Oslo City Hall

Last night Anders and I did something we've never done before: we attended a banquet in Oslo City Hall, to celebrate the laureates of this year's Kavli Prize! 
There were several firsts, yesterday, for example:
  • first time I've heard the prime minister speak live
  • first time in the City Hall (and it was really awesome - so much better than it may look like from the outside!)
  • first time Anders wore a tuxedo (definitely not the last!)
I got my dress just a couple of weeks ago, from Tina Ritzi, in Kirkeveien - the best place for ball gowns in Oslo, really <3

The Kavli Prize is a partnership between The norwegian Academy of Science and Letters, The Kavli Foundation (United States), and The Norwegian Ministry of Education and Research.
The prize recognizes scientists in three research areas: astrophyics, nanoscience, and neuroscience, and each of the three prizes consists of $1 million U.S.
Read more about the prize, and the winners this year HERE .
Highlights of the evening:
  • Anders in a tuxedo
  • the Prime Minister's speech - especially the part where she talked about the end of the movie "Interstellar"; she asked Kip Thorne (who was one of the laureates, and also was the scientific advisor on "Interstellar") to explain what goes on at the end of the movie, when they fall into a black hole, and instead of being torn apart by gravitational forces, there are a lot of bookshelves...
  • the food (in particular the starter and the dessert) and the wine <3
  • being in City Hall; it's really beautiful there, and for some reason I was not expecting that
  • the entertainment 
  • the entertainment had a highlight in itself also; when suddenly Darth Wader appeared, playing the theme from Star Wars on the carillon of the towers 😀

And now we have to look very serious... -Anders

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