Hopp til innhold


Today there are 86 days until december 31st, and that means 86 days until I need to have finished this thesis work...
This is what I've been doing today:
  • started a plan towards October 21st, when Jon is coming (what I need to do before his visit: finish subtractin neutrons from both the uranium and the plutonium experiments, implement all the comments I got on article number two and send it to all the co-authors again, write a draft for my thesis about fission. When Jon is here, we/I need to make a draft of article number three, and send it to the co-authors)
  • answered emails and other requests
  • got help from Anders to program the subtraction of neutrons from the gamma matrix (the input numbers are not completely correct yet, but that I can fix later) - meaning we started, and when I say "got help" I really mean "I tell him what I need the program to do, and he does the programming" 😛
  • met with Sunniva and discussed the neutrons versus gammas issues
  • finished my travel bill from the Bruges trip 🙂
Right now I'm re-united with Alexandra again, and since I've been so much away lately, and there's a school holiday this week, I'll take the next two days off to be with her <3 (I don't actually have time for it, but I just need to make time...)

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