Hopp til innhold

Summing up this week

Good morning, great people!
Right now I'm sitting in bed, trying to wake up. Anders left before 7, and I have just finished my first coffee of the day 🙂 When I've finished this blogpost, I'll get ready for a long day at the University; I think we're in the middle of an experiment (if so, I'll volunteer for the evening shift today), so I need to figure that out, and then I need to (to try) get on top with my neutron issues. I also need to finish my travel bill from Bruges, and a short "interview" for NHO. If there's more time after this I have several comments for my article number two (the one about uranium-234) that I need to fix. However, I don't really think there'll be time for working on this article today :/
I need to make this day count, since I've had a really bad conscious about my research these two weeks on tour...!
Boost of the week
1. Friday evening, sitting in bed with Anders, drinking Champagne and watching Pretty Woman - and just being happy and exhausted at the same time. Finally back home, "for good" 🙂
2. SKAM season three – say no more 😀
Bummer of the week
It's fall, and I don't like it. When I woke up at six this morning, it was completely dark outside, and of course it's colder. Yr tells me it probably won't be more than ten degrees today, so the season of Sunniva freezing most of the time has begun.
On the bright side (see?! I'm not 100% negative 😉 ), the weather forecast this week (at least Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday) is sun, which is (of course!) so much better than the freezing fall rain...
Feeling of the week
I have been so grateful this week over all the fantastic girls we've met. From Alta in the North, on Monday, to Sarpsborg in the South, on Friday. It's been great with all the super nice messages we got from them, about how much they liked our talks - that we were inspiring, and that they were now really considering an education in science and technology <3 Thank you!
Song of the week
MILF, by Klovner i Kamp. This song makes me happy.
Picture of the week
This picture is so Alexandra, you have no idea <3 The picture is from her school photo session, and I’m happy they haven’t ”forced” her to smile – this is really herYes, she's my new screensaver 🙂

Craving of the week
1. Latte. Normally, every morning start with Anders rolling out of bed and getting into the kitchen to get us both coffee (and I don’t drink black coffee, I need a good portion of cream in it), but since I've been away for three weeks now, this hasn't happened. When I don't get that morning coffee, I really want a nice latte as soon as possible, but we haven't had time to find good coffee places everywehere we've been this week, so I've acted a little crazy each time I've actually got a real latte 😛
2. Sleep. This week I'll work hard and sleep well (and get enough of it!).

Reader of the week
The reader of the week is without doubt Othilie!
She's the girl who traveled from Brønnøysund to Steinkjer to meet us last Wednesday. She also had this great notebook as a gift for me - the perfect gift for a nerdy person! It was especially perfect since I just finished my last notebook before we went on tour, so now this book will take me through the last months of my PhD work...

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