Hopp til innhold

SunnivaRose Advent calendar

So today´s December third, and today I´m giving my readers a not so pretty picture (but it has a very nice snowman, though <3 )...

Here´s what happens when I actually try to make everything very nice and clean (the 8 graphs are supposed to be more or less exactly on top of each other...) - but then f*** up (obviously). 
I know what I´ve done, and I´ve double checked my calculations, and actually can´t really find any mistakes (even though they have to be there). Something like this will almost always happen, and that´s why you keep an "ORIGINAL"-file, with the last numbers and calculations that actually made sense (you may have to learn this the hard way :P). So for me it´s not back to basics *relief*, but back to the version of the program that made results that actually looked quite good - at least compared to this mess.
The good thing about this graph is that it´s not difficult to see that something´s "off" *staying positive* 😀

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