Hopp til innhold

Number 6

And now there´s only 17 days left ´til christmas...! 

Today I´ve been working all day, and the rest of the evening I´ll be working a little more, and pack my bags to go to Berkeley tomorrow *excited*. But of course I have to share a graph today as well 😉
In the calendar today there is a typical "banana plot". The "bananas" are different particles, with different energies (energy on both the x-axis and the y-axis - they show deposited energy in two different detectors). The biggest banana is made out of protons, the middle one is from deuterons, and the upper one is made out of tritons.
(For the ones that are really really interested, the plot comes from uranium-234 and a 12.5 MeV deuteron beam 😀 )

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