Hopp til innhold

Busy day

It seems to me like Mondays are always so busy, and the TO DO list is just a never ending story... Is that just me, or do others feel the same way?
Tomorrow I´m going to Hamar to give a talk about science and physics and "my story" and stuff like that - really looking forward to it, but my talk is not entirely ready yet :/ However, I´m getting up early tomorrow, to get Alexandra to kindergarden when it opens, to get to Hamar before 10:30 AM, so now I have to go to sleep! Sleep is so extremely important (like, really!), and since I have time on the train tomorrow I can finish everything there 🙂
Love this cover of Taylor Swits "Shake it off", btw...
...and Einsteins letter to Marie Curie - basically telling her that haters gonna hate, a 100 years ago. 

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