Hopp til innhold

Happy outline….eeehm – Monday!

It was actually good for me to have a plan last week, so I´ll continue to share my PhD plan/goal(s) of the week:

I worked more than 50 hours last week, but I didn´t get all the way to where I wanted, which was to make an outline for my thesis. Of course I do have an outline now, but it´s far from finished, and nothing I can show anyone yet - so my main goal this week is to finish and discuss it with supervisor-Sunniva (I will show her what I got, no matter how I feel about it on Wednesday, like my plan says 😉 ).
I also need to prepare the trip for Paris (experiment) next week, but the main goal is (I´m repeating, I know): OUTLINE OUTLINE OUTLINE - THESIS OUTLINE! (Yes, i think it´s difficult, and I don´t know where to start - so I change my mind all the time, and, yes, I feel insecure and stupid, and I actually started crying just before I was going to bed on Friday - had been drinking, though - but I felt like "this is something I just can´t do" :P)
Anyway; I feel much better now (I can do it!), and I just want to wish all of you a great start a new week!
PS: I want it to be hard too, because when you (I?!?) manage to do something really difficult, it´s so much more worth it  - so let´s just do this <3

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