Hopp til innhold

Testing outfits

Hi everyone! I´m at the airport right now - on my way to Paris (not really - I´m on my way to Orsay, which is outside of Paris :P) and the fission experiment. Excited, and will tell you more about it when I get there, and know more about it myself.

This morning started at NRK, where I tested outfits for Big Bang... We start on Monday (O. M. G.), and I must admit; the next days will be very hectic. It helps to be "stuck" at a lab, though - I will hopefully (very likely) have some time when I´m not baby sitting the experiment or working on the "bridge" chapter, to prepare for Monday.

See you later! I have a confession (hint: I´m embarrassed), and I will tell you about it tonight...

snaps from yesterday - getting ready for my lecture about SoMe at HiOA

Just LOVE the scarf - that I got as a gift from Sunniva (supervisor) after I finished my Master´s degree. Real, Russian, wool scarf <3

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