Hopp til innhold

This week: Big Bang on Monday (and such) :D

It´s Monday, and I´m back in Oslo again, at my office, and ready for a new week (drinking my first cup of coffee as we "speek")! 
As always on Mondays I share my PhD week plan: It doesn´t look like there´s much going on the first two days this week, but that´s not entirely true; since they´re filled with filming of the first Big Bang shows *excited* Then there´s very little time for scientific work, but I´ll do more of that when I get to the other half of this week. 
As you can see I´ll be giving a talk about Thorium Mythbusters on Saturday, here at the Institute - will tell you more about this tomorrow (it will be open for eveyone 😉 ).


Last week went pretty good, and I almost managed to tick of everything on my PhD week plan - except I still haven´t sent a layout for the "bridge chapter" of my thesis to Sunniva. Things took longer than expected (as they always do), and Jon and I spent more time on the introduction chapter than we did on the bridge... Anyway, I should just work on it for maybe an hour, and then it should be possible to and something to Sunniva - hopefully today <3

Main goal this week: keep calm, don´t stress, and make a new, and detailed, PhD plan (and send this to Sunniva on Friday).

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